Opening Prayer Format for CLE High 2

Hello Gentlemen,

Below is the prescribed CLE Prayer format for your guidance:

  1. Sign of the Cross
  2. Gospel Reading of the Day or the Previous Sunday
    1. The prayer leader should write the Gospel passage on the board before the prayer begins. The rest of the class should already look for the assigned passages.
    2. The prayer leader should follow the proper way of reading the Gospels. The leader should begin with: “A Reading from the Gospel according to…” then everyone will say: “Glory to you, Lord.” (Making the proper gesture) Then, at the end of the Gospel the leader will say: “The Gospel of the Lord.” Everyone will respond: “Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ.”
    3. Refer to or for the readings of the day.
  3. Short Moment of Silence
  4. Short Prayer-Reflection
    1. This is in the form of a personally-composed reflection and 1-3 reflection questions.
    2. A short reflection related to the passage is recommended. It is also recommended that the leader is able to connect the passage to the lesson at hand or to the general theme of H2, which is to encounter Jesus in our lives.
    3. Also, it would be nice that at the end of the prayer-reflection is a form of “begging for God’s grace”.

5. The Xaverian’s Prayer

  1. Jesus, light of the world… Let our light shine!
  2. Jesu, lux mundi… Luceat lux nostra!
  3. Invocation to the Saints (St. Francis Xavier, St. Ignatius of Loyola & Class Saint/Patron)
  4. Sign of the Cross

** The prayer leader should submit a copy of the prayer, with the sources properly labeled, to the teacher at the end of the class.

** Assignment of the prayer leaders will be done right away and will be coordinated with the Class Officers for proper monitoring. The officers should remind the prayer leader when they are assigned to lead the class to prayer.

I expect that as the school year progresses, you will need less prompting from me in executing this procedure.


3 thoughts on “Opening Prayer Format for CLE High 2

  1. nchua15 says:

    does class number two lead the next prayer (since one already finished) or does the prayer leader of the day lead?

    • geoffreymercado says:

      Good evening Mr. Chua,

      As for your inquiry, the next prayer leader will be class number 2. We’ll give the first prayer leader a chance next time. Also, I would appreciate it very much if you would address me next time as “Sir/Cher/Mr. Mercado” before you input your inquiries and/or comments. Gentlemen treat each other with a level of formality.

      Cher Mercado

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