Reflection on the World of Jesus

Answer the reflection points below individually and post your reflections either on this forum below.
1.Given Jesus’ context, what would his message towards the people be and how would it address their current situation?
2.How is our world similar or different from the World of Jesus? 
3.If Jesus were alive today, will his message still be relevant to us?
Post your answers below. Mention your names and section.

13 thoughts on “Reflection on the World of Jesus

  1. Glenn Wu Duh Chong
    1. he will change the world of that time by saying that, all the men women and kid is equal.
    2. the world now is similar to the world that time because the society now is full of many unfair.
    3. yes, I think.I think Jesus will send this message to us.

  2. 1. The message of Jesus would be that the people should treat each other equally for a better future and of course for a better world.
    2. Our world is similar to the world of Jesus because some of the people look down on the other people. Like for example, the rich look down on the poor.
    3. Yes it would be relevant to us because our current situation is much similar to their situation back in their time.

  3. Kyle Mas says:

    1.) He was trying to tell people that nobody is perfect, so why do others get mad at the people who commit sin, when they intact commit sins themselves.

    2.) Our world is quite similar to the world of Jesus because until this day, there are still many people in the government who are corrupt. Another would be that they punish people for sin, but they too aren’t perfect.

    3.) Yes, his message will still be relevant because Jesus’ world and our world today are still very simillar.

  4. 1. His message would be to reject social differences and to love God and each other.
    2. Our world has advanced techonology but there is still social disparity
    3. His message will still be relevant to us because the same problems still exist though in another form

  5. Luigi Raphael Estepa. H2E
    1) He taught that everyone is equal and a child of god.
    2) people in most countries now respect equality while during Jesus’ time, some people consider themselves higher or more holy than others
    3)yes, as we would be able to ask him directly and better understand his teachings

  6. Jesus would probably tell people not to dicriminate those who are lesser, but to help them rise. This is because they are people too, and we should treat everyone equally, as God treats us equally.
    Our world right now is also filled with discrimintation, racism and others, we must all try to be like God and treat people equally.
    Yes, it is still relevant.
    Andrew Sy 2E

  7. 1. He would tell the people to follow His footsteps so that everyone would be peaceful and would not fight, the world will be a happier and more peaceful place, the people won’t have to worry about crimes because everyone is good.

    2. Our world is similar to Jesus’ world because there are corrupt tax collectors and criminals, the only difference I could think of is the treatment to women, back then they would just treat them as slaves but now we treat them better

    3. Yes, because if His message would reach everyone around the world it will be a better, peaceful world

  8. John Erwin Tan says:

    1.) I think his message would be he will tell them that too much of your greed and evilness would just lead you to being isolated. Based from what ive seen in vide shown people in his time is somehow similar to our present time.
    2.) This is similar to our present world nowadays because now as we can see in our present world we see problems and full of discriminations to others.this I can say that it is similar to what the people during the time of Jesus.
    3.) yes because our problems are still somehow similar before. It would be about the attitued they show.

  9. Lanz Tan
    1) Jesus message was to let everybody have an equal life and Jesus’s message to the phariseees and Sadducees was to treat everyone fairly, that’s why he got so mad at them because they wanted the people to follow the law and only the law but really they do not either. He was trying to send a message to the people by complaining to them indpfront of all the people on how wrong they are.

    2) our world s very different but Roget the same. Different because our society is not that strick on the laws for example the that when women do adultary they will be atoned to death but now a days that does not used in today’s world. Simlilar in the sence that the economy in our society there is a high poverty in our economy and that there are still laws that are very strict in our society and when committing murder or any other illegal doings.

    3) if Jesus was still was still present in our lives right now witch I think he still is in our hearts he would still have the same rules that he wants us to follow but especially the equality rule. Even thought that we are all different and unique in a way with all of our grits and talents we are all human and we need to treat everyone the same as we want to be treated by others and that is what I think that is what Jesus wants to follow.

  10. Joaquin says:

    1) his message would be to tell them the true meaning of the word of god and lead them to the right track, he would show us the rught things that we should do.
    2) In our world there are some people who want to follow Jesus way and be equal but they make them equally poor, there are also people who disgrace the lower classes and steal from them for their own buissness.
    3) If Jesus was still alive today his message would still be relevant because the problems that he encountered in his time came back and influenced the higher classes to make a gap between them and the lower classes

  11. 1. His message to the people would come from God and it is based on God’s purpose to bring us back to Him. By doing this, he would preach about it.
    2. Our world now is modern and life now is easier than back then.
    3.yes, because God has one purpose for us all.

  12. His message was of similar virtue of communism which is the equality of the world or the people. Jesus merely wanted all of us to live holy and equal lives, free from discrimination and unfair judgment.

    As I stated in the previous group work, our worlds both share the same type of people. The majority are ignorant, calling the open-minded and the truly righteous people crazy. People in both worlds are very opinionated as they view the poor as weak and impure. The world is stuck in what they believe is “conservative” and “morally acceptable.”

    If Jesus were alive today, he would probably still be persecuted as his teachings were only believed in centuries after his death. In our time, he would still probably be called blasphemous.

    Jesus again wanted an equal world in a world of religous capitalists. In this world, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. Jesus came to save us from this.

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