A Portrait of Jesus’ World

This activity was designed to help you build a more detailed picture of the Jesus’ world. Consider the following questions posed below while you read through the website links provided.

1.) What were the roles of the Pharisees and Sadduccees and how did they differ from each other?

2.) Why did the Pharisees and Sadduccees often ran in conflict with Jesus?

3.) Why was there a gulf between the Elite Class and the peasant class?

4.) How do you think did the purity system shape Jesus’ teachings and deeds?

5.) What are the similarities between Jesus’ world and our world?

Click on the following links for the readings.




General Comments and Feedback Regarding the LT

Hello Gentlemen,

I’ve been checking a number of papers already and I’m seeing a pattern of answering that I want to correct: Remember: Long Tests are OBJECTIVE even if they are in ESSAY form. The reason why we opted to use the Essay form is to gauge not only your recall (the objective facts) but your understanding as well (how you connect the facts together). Thus, when we give an essay test, it doesn’t automatically mean that we’re measuring your OPINION–that’s what REFLECTION PAPERS are for.

Most of the answers I’m getting are coming from your “stock knowledge” and not from the lessons we discussed. The questions are designed the extract what you know from the lesson and not just what you remember from previous school years. For example, in answering the question, “What does the Incarnation reveal about who God is?” I was expecting an answer to similar to “God is a God of History. He has been involved in human history and activities. His presence is fully revealed in Jesus Christ.” But I’m getting answers that say, “God is merciful, God is Love, God is always present.” These are answers are generally correct but I was asking for what we RECENTLY discussed. I want to read the WORDS and CONCEPTS I was flashing on your screens. 

Also, I want you, gentlemen, to avoid saying, “And this is why I disagree with the statement” just for the sake of extending the number of lines for your answers. You don’t need to say this separately if it has been discussed clearly already.

Lastly, always remember that although CLE does talk about Faith and God, it is still an ACADEMIC subject with FACTS and OTHER INFORMATION to remember and understand. 

I hope this helps in your succeeding assessments.

Gospel Readings for the Week (July 23 – 27)

Hello Gents,

Here are the Gospel Readings for the Week. Kindly Follow the prescribed format:

1.) Sign of the Cross

2.) Prayer Leader: “The Gospel for the day is taken from the book of (i.e. John).
     Students: “Glory to you O, Lord.”
3.) After reading the verse, Prayer leader says, “The Gospel of the Lord.”
     Students: “Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.”
4.) Reflection Prayer and then Reflection Question/s.
5.) Invocation of Saints
6.) Sign of the Cross
Gospel Readings: 
July 23, 2012
Mt 12: 38-42
July 24, 2012
Mt. 12: 46 – 52
July 25, 2012
Mt 20: 20-28
July 26, 2012
Mt 13: 10 – 17
July 27, 2012
Mt 13: 18 – 23