Long Test Answer Keys (Temporary Post)

Hello Gentlemen, 

Kindly follow the succeeding steps before asking me for clarifications or corrections in your Long Tests:

Step 1: Match your answers to the ideal answers below:

Part I.1 (Questions about how Incarnation reveals who God is. Explain your answer and support it using at least on scripture account. Limit your answers to 4 lines). 

Ideal Answer should contain the following concepts

  • Our God is God of history, involved and active in human history and our own lives, revealing Himself more fully in Jesus Christ. Citation of at least one scripture account either from the Old Testament or the New that explain God’s promise about to be/being fulfilled.

    *If you didn’t mention or explain well the first line, I gave you partial points. Refer to the persons who were able to answer the questions properly.*

    PartI.2 Jesus was baptized because He needed to repent because he is sinful like us when he embraced our humanity.

    Ideal Answer: NO, he wasn’t baptized because he was sinful; he was baptized to reveal to he is the Son of God and to reveal his divinity. This was also the ritual that began his Public Ministries. Explain his Nature that he cannot sin because he is divine. BUT, allow me to explain that even if his very nature is divine, he still could choose to sin but deliberately decided not to. He cannot sin because his very nature is the absence of sin but at the same time, he was granted full human freedom, allowing him the choice of sinning. This is one of the paradoxes that is Jesus. But it’s enough to know the correction that he can CHOOSE to sin, but his divine nature will strongly OPPOSE that decision making him NOT sin. For the students who answered that he can sin, I reconsidered your answers for as long as you answered in the test that the purpose of Baptism was NOT to cleanse him.

Part I.3 The song “God is watching us. God is watching. God is watching us from a distance.” Using the Mystery of the Incarnation, do you agree with the line? Explain by citing a specific lesson.

Ideal Answer: NO, I disagree because the very fact the incarnation happened says that God CAME DOWN TO BE WITH US, TO COME CLOSE TO US, TO TAKE OUR HUMAN FORM AND EXIST WITH US. Then, cite the prophesies lessons, infancy narratives, or baptism. 

If you answered “I agree” BUT you explained that God came down to be with us, you didn’t get the full point. If you gave an opinion (not citing the lectures we discussed), depending on how you explained it, I gave you have half the total points for the number.

Part II.1 – Friend’s Facebook status going “My life is the usual – study, eat, sleep. Too boring. Too routine. God can’t be here because nothing spectacular is happening.”

a. Use any lesson to support your agreement or disagreement 

Ideal answer: His hidden life (humility and obedience). Other answers I considered as long as they were discussed in the lessons.

Typical answer: disagreeing because God is the source of life. This is correct but it’s not what we discussed.

b. What would you tell him?

Ideal answer: explain that Christ’s life was hidden for a long while because nothing spectacular was happening. Explain that during this time he was obedient and humble during this time which made the ordinary extraordinary. 

Typical answer: Friend should be thankful that he could even do his routine if it weren’t for God. This is good but not what we discussed. This sounds more like you’re parroting your mom when she scolds you for not doing your homework.

Part II.2 – Filipino’s expression “Sorry po. Tao lang.” 

a. Using Christs Divinity and Humanity,  do you agree with her statement. Does this mean because we are not Jesus, we can’t do good?

Ideal answer: Christ is the example of how it is live a perfect life. He was human as well except in sin. Living a divine life (a perfect life) was what Jesus did here on earth. Therefore, we must follow his example.

b. Explain “perfect just like your heavenly Father is perfect.”

Ideal Answer: Follow Christ, he is the perfect human and he is divine. In following Christ we become perfect.

3. Nicholas’ Christmas Party. Organized a very fun party. He decorated their parish hall with a Christmas tree, angels, star and gifts. He made a belen There were gifts for the children. There were games and food prepared for the children. A the end, Nicholas was not satisfied and could be improved on more.

a. Do you agree with his observation?

Ideal answer: I agree. He didn’t explain the incarnation. Or I don’t agree, he SHOWED the incarnation, God’s most profound manifestation of Love.

b. Choose among the activities that he already prepared.

Ideal answer. There is no strict answer to this for as long as the improvement clearly showed how the children will learn about the incarnation and it is supported by Scripture Accounts. 

CAVEAT: Those who didn’t receive the full marks of the numbers means that you did not follow the instructions properly. If in the instructions, you are to USE a SPECIFIC LESSON in EXPLAINING YOUR ANSWER, DO IT! Don’t just write whatever you think is right. For example, if the instructions say use the Hidden life in explaining your answer, mention how Jesus turned the ordinary extraordinary by being humble and obedient BEFORE you give your INTERPRETATION of the answer. Most of you gave me answers that you learned in Grade school. This is high school. Think like a high school student: Use evidences to back up your answers.

Step 2: Consult your classmates.

Ask three (3) before me. Consult with at least 3 classmates on their answers before you page me.

Step 3: Ask me for clarifications.

Page me during dismissal. Consultation periods are between 3PM – 5PM everyday.


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