Additional Instructions for the CLE Performance Task

Hello Gentlemen,

Given that the video is only 2-3 minutes long, do not include the discussion of the criteria you used in looking for the builder of God’s Kingdom. Instead, explain the criteria you used on a SEPARATE sheet of paper which is to be submitted on August 22, 2012 as well. As a result, the video will be featuring SOLELY your Builder of God’s Kingdom. The viewers of your video should be able to see how on their own way, your honoree was able to respond to Christ’s call of building the Kingdom of God.


  • Each member should come up with a reflection paper. Refer to the questions in the Handouts I gave out in class and through email.
  • Format: Font size 11, Font Style (Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond), 1.5 spacing, 2 pages MAXIMUM
  • Save the file as “H2<Section> <Name> <PTQ1>” (Example: H2X Luceat Lux PTQ1) in WORD FORMAT.
  • Submit on August 22, 2012, 5PM. Late submissions will receive an F.

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