Homework: Kingdom of God Values

Before answering the questions, access this link to read the assigned article. 

  1. What are the values of the Kingdom of God?
  2. How do the values relate with the message of the Parables?

Post your answers in the REPLY box no later than 7:30 AM the next day.


2 thoughts on “Homework: Kingdom of God Values

  1. 1. Forgiveness, faith, humility, thankfulness/gratitude
    2. The values mentioned are essential to the acknowledgement, acceptance, and reality of God’s kingdom within us. Therfore, since Jesus used parables to help us better understand the kingdom of God, these values either are similar to, or support the messages in the various parables.

  2. 1) Members of the Kingdom of God are to embrace forgiveness because when we receive God’s forgiveness, we are also able to give forgiveness to others. The members of the Kindom of God also need to have faith. Jesus said that it is more important for who the faith is in than the amount of faith you have. Another value members of the Kingdom of God is humility. We realize that there is nothing we can do without God’s empowerment and because of that, we should become humble. Another value is thankfulness. We members of the Kingdom of God are to be thankful for what God has given us. Unlike the Egyptians, instead of being thankful for their freedom from slavery, they grumbled, ranted, and complained.

    2) A value that can relate to the parable of The Mustard Seed is faith. Jesus had compared the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed. He said that the mustard seed is small but grows into a big tree, like the Kingdom of God it will soon be big because our faith in God grows especially in times of need. Another value than can be related to a parable is thankfulness. Thankfulness can be related to the Parable of the Prodigal Sne because the older son had envied the younger son. The older son should have just been thankful for what he has and should just had been glad that his younger brother had come back alive.

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