Supplementary Readings for Jesus’ Miracles

An excerpt from the one of the references used in class.

Miracles in Everyday life

A person’s change of heart.What miracle could be greater than persons who are converted from their sinful life to enter a new grace-filled life? For example, during a retreat, some students who used to fail in most of their subjects because of their laziness, delinquent attitudes had a change of heart and had resolved to study hard. By following through on their resolutions they actually graduated with honors. Another example of a change of heart that can be considered as a miracle that of drug users, how, in the process of counseling, felt so loved and accepted by their families and friends, that they resolved to seek help and overcome their enslaving habit. Every time we resolve to become better persons and better followers of Christ and follow through with that resolutions a miracle takes place.

It is also important to realize that personal resolutions like those in the preceding examples rarely succeed without strong support from others around us, and especially from God’s interior grace. Personal “conversion” always has some social dimension.

 Modern-day miracle workers. Jesus’ miracles proclaim how things are meant to be in the fullness of God’s Kingdom. These miracles bring us closer to the Kingdom. Modern-day miracle workers like doctors and other social workers share in this task by doing their best to alleviate or eliminate different forms of sickness and oppression. Religious and laypeople pray for those who are sick or destitute. There are cases when terminally ill persons or those suffering injustice become liberated because of prayers which inspire effective action for the poor and infirm.


Social Transformation. Jesus worked against all evils-whatever oppresses and torments people. We are aware that people from different walks of life denounce and fight poverty, graft and corruption, injustice, and other issues that make people suffer. Their actions contribute to social transformation. Every step or action that is done to make this world a better place is a move toward the attainment of the fullness of the Kingdom of God. These movements concretize the prayer “Your Kingdom Come.”


Jesus continues to work miracles today. Many spectacular miracles have happened in the last two millennia, but Jesus invites us to look primarily for God’s miraculous intervention in our ordinary, day-to-day interactions. Jesus reveals God in special, dramatic times in our history but calls our attention to how God is found in what we consider ordinary.


Verzosa-Frago, E. & Dango, J.C. (2005). Called to Meet Christ in Scripture, Church, and Sacraments. Quezon City, Metro Manila: Sibs Publishing House, Inc, 79 – 81.


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