Reminders about the Video for the Builder of God’s Kingdom

Good morning Gentlemen,

Kindly take note of the following reminders for your builder of God Video:
Things to submit:
a.) The LINK of the video which is uploaded either in youtube or vimeo. But I would prefer youtube because it has less steps.
b.) Individual Post-task reflection paper for more information about the format and what-not of the paper, visit this link:
c.) Separate sheet of paper explaining the 5 criteria you made. This is the paper you made in your COMPUTER Class. You can use that document but you need to explain HOW the criteria are DIFFERENT from each other. Example, being compassionate is technically the same with being empathetic. If you don’t do this, then most likely you only used synonyms as criteria. Also, explain WHY you chose that particular criteria. You need to cite Jesus’ life/example/teachings in explaining WHY you chose that criteria. After all, the message of the Kingdom of God was fulfilled through and in Jesus Christ.
Submit everything on or before August 22, 2012, 5PM via email. One email per group. That email should contain 1 link, 3 reflection papers, and 1 separate sheet of paper explaining the criteria. 
If you have questions, you can shoot me an email or page me. I’ll be here until 6PM today.

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