General Comments Regarding The Incarnation Reflection Paper

Hello Gents,

Below are my comments in general regarding the reflection papers that were recently returned:

Content: “The Incarnation is the most profound manifestation of God’s love.” This should have been the focus of your discussions throughout the paper. Most of you were able to mention this but it was rather indirect. Some of you only gave a very vague summary of what you learned. What should have happened here is that you mentioned the other topics in order to support big idea above. By mentioning more details, it would have made your reflection deeper and more meaningful and at the same time, gave me the impression that you did learn from the topics.

Experience: “When did you reveal this Love to others or when did others was this love revealed to you?” This should have been the focus of the sharing of your experience. A good number of you did elaborate on a similar experience but it seemed disconnected from the lesson. It’s as if you were just answering a bullet point. The reason why we made you share a similar experience is so that you can REFLECT on it using the LESSONS your learned in class. Let’s just say, a reflection is a sort of revisiting of past experiences with a whole new pair of lenses in order to gain NEW insights about yourself and others.

Resolution: “How will you reveal this Love to others?” Most of you included in your resolutions the desire to live a more prayerful life. Yes, I agree that a solid prayer life is needed to become a better person. However, we shouldn’t stop at appreciating the gifts that we received from God, but we should also ACT on them. A sort of paying it forward or giving back. Concrete and measurable actions need to be accompanied and deepened by prayer. In this light, we asked you to come up with resolutions or concrete PLANS on how you will reveal the big idea.

Thus, when we have another reflection paper, I would like you to remember these inputs so that your understanding of the lessons will be more comprehensive and personal.

However, upon reflecting, I realized that I also did not fully do my part in explaining these expectations. Because of this, I’m giving this reminder for you to work with. Hopefully this will fill-in gap.

I hope this helps and just post or email me if you have other concerns and questions.


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