Synthesis Activity # 1

Situation. We are preparing you for the last long test which will be held very soon.

Task. Compose a summary of the Incarnation and Kingdom of God lessons by the using concepts provided below. Come up with a paragraph made up of 10 well-constructed sentences (including the closing question) using and connecting the said key terms.

Incarnation Concepts are the following: word made flesh, mystery, friendship, love, old testament, Isaiah, Prophecies, Infancy Narratives, Early Christian Evangelists, historical account, religious meaning, hidden life, humility and obedience, finding in the temple, John the Baptist, dove, skies opened, Jordan River, sin, fully human and fully divine, council of Chalcedon, Second Vatican Council (Gaudium et Spes).

Closing question: What is the Incarnation?

Kingdom of God concepts are the following: Jesus’ World, Political, Economic Situation, Pharisees and Sadducee, sin, immediate response, ordinary, conversion, parables, attitudes, healing miracles, modern-day miracle workers.

Closing question: What is the Kingdom of God?

Output: There should be two (2) 10-sentenced summaries that you will need to construct (1 for the Incarnation and 1 for the Kingdom of God). DO NOT POST YOUR SUMMARIES HERE. Keep them in your notes first.

Time: 20 minutes.


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