H2H & H2F Synthesis Activity

As a group, accomplish the following tasks:

Task 0: Create a google document and paste your work on it. Share it to me as soon as you’ve created one. Save it as filename H2<Section> <Group Members>. Kindly follow the prescribed format:

Names of Members: <Mcguire, T., Feliciano, P., Craig, D., Bourne, J.>

Section: H2<Section>

Date: <Date Today>

Task 1 Output:

Task 2 Output:

Task 3 Output:

—- END —-

Task 1: Group Summary

  • Compose a 7 well-written sentence summary answering the question: “What is the Incarnation?” Use ALL the concepts provided below: word made flesh, mystery, friendship, love, old testament, Isaiah, Prophecies, Infancy Narratives, Early Christian Evangelists, historical account, religious meaning, hidden life, humility and obedience, finding in the temple, John the Baptist, dove, skies opened, Jordan River, sin, fully human and fully divine, council of Chalcedon, Second Vatican Council (Gaudium et Spes).
  • Compose a 7 well-written sentence summary answering the question: “What is the Kingdom of God?” Use ALL of the concepts provided below: Jesus’ World, Political, Economic Situation, Pharisees and Sadducee, sin, immediate response, ordinary, conversion, parables, attitudes, healing miracles, modern-day miracle workers.

Task 2: Answer in 8 sentences both sets questions:

  1. How is the Incarnation revealed through Narayanan Krishnan? Kindly cite specific concepts/key terms from the Incarnation and the film you just saw.
  2. How is the Kingdom of God revealed through him as well? Kindly cite specific concepts/key terms from the Kingdom of God lessons and the film you just saw.

Task 3: Create a collage using your keynote illustrating what you know about the incarnation and the Kingdom of God. Write a brief 5 sentence description of your collage. Save it as an image.

Time limit: 30 minutes.


One thought on “H2H & H2F Synthesis Activity

  1. This has the best answer so far among works submitted to me.

    Cu, C., Jo, J., Nepomuceno, P., Ocampo, A., Pua, J., Sy, B.
    August 23, 2012

    Task 1.


    Incarnation means word becoming to flesh, God’s presence, God-with-us. It is something that is meant for us to be happy, to bring us closer to God, to be perfectly united with Him. Although the Incarnation is a mystery, it doesn’t mean that it’s something that we cannot know, but rather it is something that we cannot fully know, it is something that we can learn from everyday. Incarnation is the very significance of Jesus’ coming, the very fact that he was born on and came to this world. To prepare us for the coming of Jesus, we need to be baptised to cleanse us, to wash away original sins, to prepare us for something better. Approved by the Council of Chalcedon and the Second Vatican Council, Jesus is the perfect way for us to be with the father using both his natures, being fully human and being fully divine, for Jesus avoided sin, which means to turn away from God. The Incarnation is basically for us to be happy, to find true satisfaction and content, to live a holy life that rejects sin, and most of all, to be with the Father again.

    Kingdom of God

    The Kingdom of God is a place where justice reigns although it is not fully here because of the injustice present in this world and people who are being victimized by these people. The Pharisees and Sadducees are people who don’t believe that the Messiah has really come to save us all. In hearing the news of Jesus proclaiming that he is the Son of God, he knew that he would soon be executed for how He tried to convince the crowd. He tried to make a ordinary people to follow him and to have an immediate response to his calling instead of delaying His call and suspend it for another time. In the teachings, parables, and healing miracles of Jesus, he shows us that we all need to convert in order for the Kingdom of God to be fully arrived and to also be able to reign in this world. In his parables, he goes beyond the social norms like making the main characters as women or the using of different races rather than what they are used to. It shows the dignity that Jesus wants to restore and that justice will come so that everyone will be equal since in God’s eyes, everyone is equal.

    Task 2.
    The incarnation is revealed through Narayanan Krishnan because of how he brings the untouchables back into society, just like how Jesus brings us back to God. As those people are ignored and simply uncared for by the rest of society, he saw that he really had to change this, and change his life goal into helping these people survive.

    The Kingdom of God is revealed through Narayanan Krishnan because of how his efforts brought those people out of suffering. Like how Jesus healed those who were blind, mute, paralyzed, deaf and the lepers, he nursed those who were sick, and fed those who were hungry. He saw that because of these illnesses were the untouchables outcasted from society, and by doing what he did, he allowed those people to be part of the society once more.

    Task 3.

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