Incarnation and Kingdom of God Mini Reflection

Good day Gents,

In order to help you review for the last assessment in CLE for the first quarter, I’m sharing this video about God on trial. His crime: being apathetic towards human suffering. It’s a 30-minute movie which should help deepen your understanding of our lessons.

After watching the video, answer the following reflection questions:

  1. What is the incarnation? How is this shown in the video? Answer this in 3 well-constructed sentences.
  2. What is the Kingdom of God? How is this shown in the video? Answer this in 3 well-constructed sentences.

I will be posting the best answers to the questions stated above. 

Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Incarnation and Kingdom of God Mini Reflection

  1. Carmichael Ethan Lim Cu of H2E, class number 6.

    1. The incarnation is God’s presence, His love, His compassion for us human beings. It is shown in the video when ‘God’ said the He didn’t create robots. He created human beings with freedom to use this freedom to experience joy and happiness coming from God Himself, and with this freedom, we should be open and share God’s love to others, to those who are blinded and in need of enlightenment.

    2. The Kingdom of God is the reality where justice, peace, and love prevails just like what the guy with the white hair stated. It is shown when the person acting as ‘God’ said that the decision whether to do good or not is in our hands; it is our responsibility to make an immediate response on what is happening around us. It is also in the video when ‘God’ said that it makes Him sad and not guilty, for it is our fault not his.

  2. 1. The incarnation is literally, God reborn and come down to Earth. This was seen in the video through the way God there spoke, which was with a certainty and wisdom about him that SHOWED and not told love, care and compassion as well as shown by the mere fact that he was on a “trial” of sorts. Much like in the true incarnation of Jesus, God here came to answer to our questions, correct our actions, and help us to experience true love, compassion, as well as the word fulfilled.

    2. The kingdom of God is a reality, one that has not yet been fully realized, and a gift that we have yet to fully open and appreciate. It is a reality of love, of justice, and of compassion that God is both accountable and unaccountable to, due to the fact that he WILLINGLY gave us freedom and as shown in the video, refused time and time again to take it away from us, meaning that he intentionally limited himself and the scope of his own power. This power that he has willingly parted with, he gave to us, but as shown in the reactions of the witnesses, we cannot really use this power, and fully realize this kingdom because we refuse to own up to the responsibilities that come with the power: a “Lego” kingdom of sorts, a kingdom that is needed to be both assembeled and marveled at.

  3. I am sorry for a late reply since i had to leave school at 4, and arrive at home at around 5..

    The Incarnation means that God is always with us. Not all of us would realize it but maybe after an amount of suffering or pain from our own irresponsibility, we would then get to realize His presence. In the video, we were accusing God for things that we have done wrong with the freedom He granted us with, but He explained that we, human beings were given freedom for a reason; whenever we get pain or suffering, it allows the non-believers to have a reason to accept God in their hearts and ask help from Him inside of us.

    The Kingdom of God is the gift that we would get after we have done our part. It is shown here in the video that God had given us space and freedom for us to build His kingdom and for Him to be able to share His love to us all. By attaining the Kingdom of God, we get the reality of peace, justice and also we get to have true joy.

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