Friday Reflection Activity

After watching the short film entitled “Most” or “Bridge” in Czech, access this link and read the short explanation of the short film. Answer the following questions:

  1. We meet a number of characters in passing in this movie. Beyond Lada and his father, whose story most intrigues you? Why? Answer in less than 4 sentences.
  2. One thing nearly all of the periphery characters in the movie have in common is that they areoblivious to what is going on around them. The troubled girl is more concerned about feeding her habits than about her sister’s anguish over her condition. The college students are thinking only about having a good time. Brad from America is only focused on his broken heart. Read Colossians 3:12-17Why is it so difficult for us to turn our attention away from ourselves and onto the needs of others? Answer in less than 7 sentences.
  3. We see both the father and son finding joy in the seemingly mundane—on the job, drinking coffee and tea, bedtime, fishing. After Lada’s death, the father is, as expected, dejected and downcast. Read 1 Peter 1:3-9 Does God promise those that follow him an easy path? Answer in 3 sentences.
  4. Why was the short film titled this way? Answer in 1 sentence.

Follow the prescribed format in posting your essay:

<(Surname, Firstname)>,Answer.

Mercado, Geoffrey, What struck me most was…

*Note the students with the best answers will be posted on the comments below.

You have until the 4PM to post your answers.


12 thoughts on “Friday Reflection Activity

  1. Peter N says:

    Nepomuceno Peter
    The story of the broken hearted dude. It was weird, he was dumped so easily. He was shattered.
    It is hard becuase humans are selfish.
    God does not promise and easy path, as earth is meant to shape us into being worthy of heaven.
    It is titled bridge because Lada became a human bridge and saved people.

  2. Co, Ramon
    I was intrigued by the stoner chick. How she was so oblivious to everything around her and focused on nothing but her drug habits. It reminded me of most people, how we can be so obsessed and addicted to worldly matters that we fail to see the bigger picture.
    It is difficult for us to see other’s needs because we are so focused on our own happiness. We prioritize ourselves and shun those around us.
    God does not promise us an easy path, he will test us and through these tests we will suffer. In the end however, we will be stronger in body and spirit
    The film was entitled Most because it show us how most people are. Oblivious to things that are around them, and uncaring to those who are suffering.

  3. Mr. Mercado,
    For me, the girl that was troubled was probably the most inspiring story. She was about to end her life without meaning, without purpose, and without happiness, but because she saw the man’s anguish at the death of his son, she turned her life around, and she became happy.

    I believe that it is very difficult for us to sometimes pay attention to others because we do not wish to be burdened with the concerns and problems of other. We sometimes think that our own problems are already to big and to heavy to bear and that others should learn how to fix their own problems. This shouldn’t be the case. We need to learn to deter from selfishness and learn to give our love and time to the people around us.

    A life following God is a life lived with suffering and burned, but it is a life that reaps rewards. We go through a path of trouble, mockery, and hypocrisy amongst those who are against us, but this is the case, so we can feel eternal happiness when things are all said and done. A celebration ceases to be a celebration when suffering is not gone through.

    One could say that the film was entitle “MOST” after the Czech word for bridge, and I believe that this was not only entitle after the literal bridge in the movie, but the bridge to happiness that the father created for the train’s passengers especially the woman by sacrificing his son for their lives.

  4. Celeres, Juco,
    Mercado, Geoffrey, what struck me most was the troubled girl because at first she was wreck but in the end she changed.
    People care too much for themselves because they tnk that they have it harder than the others. In fact others have it way harder. We are too selfish to look at a different perspiective.
    Its not an easy path. God is testing his faith.
    Most means bridge. God is the bridge but we have to do sacrifices when we pass through that bridge

  5. 1. To me, it’s the druggie girl because from my opinion, she’s the one who had the most visible change in character from all of the other characters shown. Along with this, I also found this character interesting because she was one of the only characters to actually interact with Lada directly, and his father indirectly.

    2. It’s because we don’t live in a Christian world. It’s hard to turn attention away from ourselves because subconsciously, that’s what we’ve been conditioned to do ever since we were born. We live in a world of selfishness, injustice, greed, and we grow up feeding on these ideals. So therefore, when you have Christianity come around, with teaching and values focusing on going in a completely opposite direction, obviously, you’re going to have a hard time adapting to what you were “taught” not to do. In short, the nature of Christianity, and the nature of society, ultimately clashes in our hearts and minds, confusing us and creates these wars within our very selves.

    3. He doesn’t promise an easy path. He even says that in the Christian way of living, suffering and pain is indefinite and essential. Indefinite, because as I said, we don’t live in a Christian world, and essential, because it builds up our faith and helps us grow.

    4. It was named ssuch to represent Christ, our “bridge”.

  6. Cruz, Keoni 1. The girl’s life intrigued me most. (The girl who asked for a cigarette and was doing drugs on the train.) The girl’s life changed from doing drugs into having a wonderful son. This wouldn’t have happened if the guy didnt close th bridge. She would have died there together with the others if the guy chose to save his son. He pretty much gave everyone a chance to live again without them knowing it.

    2.Since we have a problem, we often think that people need to help us and not us to help the ones in need as well. We dont think about those who have problems. Wejust focus on us thinking that we’re the only one who has a problem therefore isolating our minds about other people.

    3. It wont be an easy life. However though, we will find true happiness and understanding if follow God. The man found happiness when he knew that his son’s death brought something good upon the lives of others.

    4. It was titled this way because of where it had all happened, the bridge!

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