H2E Paschal Mystery Pair Activity

Access the link below to read the recent blog posts about the late Sec. Robredo. Divide the tasks accordingly with your pair.


 After reading the following blog posts, post your answers to the following questions below. If there are questions, ask 3 of your classmates first before asking the teacher.
  1. What Kingdom-messages drawn from the parables we took up do you see reflected in the anecdotes about Sec. Robredo? (Give 2 answers.)
  2. What new insights into the Kingdom of God and Christian Discipleship, their invitations and challenges, does his life give?


<Surname, First name>, <Section>, <Date>


Go, Derrick & Lim, Jed, H2L, 9.2.12 – 1.) Answer answer answer

2.) Answer answer answer.


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