H2H Comment Analysis

Question: Why did Jesus suffer and die?

Answer: If I break your iPad, you may tell me that you forgive me, but in doing so you have to absorb/shoulder the cost of the broken iPad.  Someone has to pay for the broken iPad either me, or you, if you forgive me. The cost does not just go into oblivion. Likewise, God does not just wave his hand over sin when he forgave it, he must himself shoulder the full cost of the injustice done.  Jesus suffered the exact equivalent of all the penalties/punishment that was deserved for all sinners, so they could all be pardoned. 

Task: What do you think of the answer given? Rate the correctness of the answer by using a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 means the answer makes sense, is sufficient and it raises no problems or questions; 1 means the answer does not make sense, is completely insufficient, and it raises a lot of problems and questions such as… 

Post your answers on this blog.

Format: <Date>, <Surname, Initial>

Example: 9.6.12, Ng, G. 


2 thoughts on “H2H Comment Analysis

  1. 09.06.12 – The comment given, in my opinion, would be a 4. In the broken iPad, he stated that either himself, or the owner of the iPad will shoulder the cost. While when we sin, only Jesus. I think that these two sentences are false because in the broken iPad, I think that both of them should shoulder the burden not only one person. How can the owner of the iPad pay for everything if it wasn’t him who broke it? This is the same as, How can Jesus, pay for all our sins if it wasn’t him who commited the sins? I believe that both we and Jesus pay for our sins, Jesus was crucified when He payed for our sins, but we pay for our sins in a different way.

  2. 9.6.12 Celeres, J.
    The answer is correct but he had a misunderstanding. If the guy who broke the ipad is sincerely sorry he would insist on paying half or paying full for a new ipad. It is his repentant act to show he is truly sorry. When jesus died, in the long run, the people believed in him.

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