Post your answers to the following questions: 

  1. If you were to re-write the resurrection appearances of Jesus, who would you have written about as persons / groups of person to whom Jesus would appear? Why to this or that person / group of persons?
  2. Looking back at the narratives of the resurrection appearances, what was common among them?
  3. What is the BIG IDEA? How do we know that the resurrection is true?

FORMAT: <Date>, <Surname, Name>. Answer.



  1. 1. I would have Him appear to the Pharisees and Saducees. If He did, there might’ve been less conflicts then as they were mostly belief vs. unbelief. Also, those to parties were a big source of unbelief-induced conflict during that time.
    2. At first, they didn’t see that it was Jesus when He appeared to them.
    3. You need eyes of faith to see. We can’t really prove the resurrection with clear, decisive evidence so we just believe.

  2. 9.14.12 Cu, Carmichael

    If I were to re-write the ressurection appearance of Jesus, I would like Jesus to appear to more powerful people such as the Pharisees. It would give them insights; it would make them regret what they have done. It will make them better persons, and since they were powerful, they could easily spark a change in the lives of the people around them. It would further make the message more evident in the society, thus bringing about a new society that are truly builders of God.

    A thing that was common among them is that at first, they did not recognize Jesus. But with their faith, they were able to see and realize that Jesus was indeed ressurected. Overall, it means that one does need to see a miracle to have faith, but rather needs to have faith to see a miracle.

    The big idea is that with faith, one can seemingly achieve impossible things. One will be able to see things and become closer with God. With faith, one will realize that there is more to life than just to satisy oneself. It is to live a meaningful and fulfilling life — a life that does not prioritize reputation, power, and material stuffs. We know the resurrection is true because of the sudden change in the lives of the Apostles and his appearances to people such as Mary Magdalene and the disciples. Lastly, it is because we have faith. Faith, faith, faith.

  3. Sept. 14 Sy, Andrew
    1. I’d let him reveal himself to everyone, in public. This is so that his followers will feel happy, his opposers regretful and the moderates be given a side to be in.
    2. All of them started where in they don’t recognize Jesus, this was probably because they didn’t have strong faith.
    3. It is true be ause the other possibilities are very unlikely and are quite impossible. Also, he was vanishing and appearing, and had a divine form. The big message is to have faith in Jesus, so that we may always see him, recognize him, and not pass him by.

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