Email Exchange: Problem of Salvation

As a pair, read the statement posted below and answer the following given questions.

One of the foundation beliefs in the Christian religion is that when Jesus was crucified and died on the cross that he died for our sins. For those of you who know me, you know I’m not asking that in some sarcastic manner, I just honestly have never understood what that even means. First of all, Christians also believe that Jesus arose from the dead and that he’s living right now so he really isn’t really dead afterall. So here are a few questions about this situation. If Jesus hadn’t died for our sins and consequently no resurrection, how would that have changed the circumstances of the lives of every human being? What exactly does it mean when Christians say he died for our sins? Are you saying that even though Jesus didn’t commit the sins committed by billions of human beings that it erased their bad behavior and somehow changed the fundamental situation they would be facing and gave them an opportunity for eternal life which they otherwise would not have had? I’ve really never heard anyone explain this whole scenario in simple, easy to understand language that actually makes sense and yet this is one of the core principles of the Christian religion. Can anyone explain this in layman’s terms without quoting the Bible and simply lay out their thoughts in an easy to understand manner?

  1. What are the two issues presented?
  2. How do we respond to the two issues?


Section, Names. Answer.

Sample: H2X, G.Yu, P. Tan, V. Uy, J. Lim. 1. Answer Answer.


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