CLE Announcement 10.4.12

Hello Gents,

Watch out for the following things:

  1. Submission of Performance Task next week. If you’re having some problems in making it, you may prefer to the sample posted in my previous announcement ( 
  2. Confession before confirmation: For those who don’t know yet, we will be holding confessions next week before the confirmation. Details to follow.
  3. Confirmation Reflection Paper – We will still release the instructions but expect that the deadline will be before October 13, 2012. The paper will be a reflection about an interview you will conduct on your sponsor (if you’re attending the confirmation) or a Christian witness in your family (if you’re not attending the confirmation). The interview will center around that person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual maturation (or growing up in short) The reflection will be about the information you gained from the interview and how his/her inputs relate with the lesson on the Confirmation. Finally, you will relate all of these insights in what it means to be a witness of Christ and being a Confirmed Christian. Details to follow.


This Reflective Essay should follow the outline prescribed above and should be printed on a short bond paper (8.5” x 11”). It should be written in at least 1,000 words (3-4 pages), 1.5 spacing between lines, using Times New Roman (point size 12). Write your name, year & section on the last page of the paper. 

That is all for now.


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