Confirmation Reflection Paper Announcement 10.10.12

Hello Gents,

Given the many assessments you need to accomplish, I’m making the following adjustments for the CLE Confirmation Reflection Paper:

  1. Deadline has been moved from October 12, 2012, 4PM to October 12, 2012, 11:59PM. 12MN is considered LATE.
  2. Do not print out your paper; SEND IT TO ME.
  3. Save the file in DOC format because I’m not using a MAC. Use the prescribed Filename: H2<Section>, Name, CRP. Sample: H2I, Jacky Tan, CRP.
  4. When sending via email, type in the subject box the file name. Sample: Subject: H2I, Jacky Tan, CRP.
  5. Late submissions will have a letter grade LOWER than the original score. Example: Grade = C. Because it was submitted late, the Grade will turn into a D. If the score is D, when late, it turns to F.
  6. Submit the hard copy of the certification page on Monday. I will distribute the hard copies on October 11, 2012 right before the mass.

Good luck!


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