December 7, 2012 – Submission of Reflection Paper
December 12, 2012 – Submission of Performance Task
December 17, 2012 – Long Test – H2D and H2F
December 18, 2012 – Long Test – H2E and H2B


Announcement for the week (Nov 26 – 29)


Make sure your ELF accounts are functional this week. We will be using them for our activities. If until now you are still experiencing problems, follow it up with the NEXT team. This in preparation for the assessments you will be taking via ELF.

Introduction to Q3

We are now Confirmed Christians. 
We have come to an understanding of what being confirmed means from the nature, effects and rite of the sacrament of Confirmation, to the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and finally, to the nature and mission of the Church. We know that to be a Confirmed Christian means to be committed living public witnesses of Jesus Christ.
After this important event in our Christian lives, we are faced with difficult yet necessary questions regarding the faith that we committed ourselves to. To do this is not just to simply uncover all the “How’s” of being a Christian, which we have done quite extensively. We also need the “Why’s”. Why do I need to be Christian and follow Jesus? Why do I need to express this faith through the Church? Why do we have these rituals, symbols and beliefs? These questions bring us back to the core of our very being – to our spirituality – that which propels our personal search for greater meaning and purpose in our existence. As it were and as many of our early Christians and saints have shown, our spirituality is expressed through the practice of religion, particularly our Catholic Christian religion. 

Ancestral Veneration Schedule

Good day Gents, 

Please take note that H2B and H2F will have their veneration activity on Day 3 (November 14, 2012), while H2E and H2D will have theirs on Day 4 (November 15, 2012). There’s no need to bring anything. Expect that we will go down to the veneration area right after our prayer. We’ll have the TMJs and continuation of the lesson right after we give our respects and return to the classroom. 

Thank you!

P.S. I sent out a separate announcement through EDMODO. You may want to Check that out.

Q2 H2A, E, F, H Score Sheet

Hello Gentlemen,


Here are your grades thus far. I apologize to H2F because I was not able to record your Pamphlets as of today. So expect to receive an update regarding your grades tomorrow.
For the Reflection paper cells that are left blank, that means I did not receive your reflection papers and that will result to an F unless you send them to me no later than lunch time tomorrow. Once you submit, regardless of quality, you will receive a D for tardiness.
For the other sections that have blank cells in their pamphlets, that means you DID NOT INDICATE WHO WORKED ON WHICH STATION.
That is all. If you have questions, just shoot me an email.
Here are your scores: Q2 Score Sheet