H2 C&E Research Homework


As a small group, research (either through electronic sources or books) on one aspect of the World of Jesus. In your research,students should be able to explain how their assigned aspect was able to have an effect on Jesus (his message, teaching, actions, etc). Each group should be able to provide a basic “electronic handout” (bullet-forms) of their work to be shared with their classmates.

  1. (Group 1 & 3) Basic Geography of Palestine (The Places that Matter)
  2. (Group 2 & 4) Political Climate (“Current” Events and Key Figures)
  3. (Group 5 & 7) Basic Religious Beliefs and Practices (Feasts, Liturgy and Worship)
  4. (Group  6& 8) Social Situation of the People (Social Groups, Education, Language)
  5. (Group  9 & 10) Economic situation (Socio-economic status of People, Wealth, Monetary System)

OUTPUT: An electronic handout about your research. Use bullet form. Cite your sources. Wikipedia is not a valid source.

Group Assignments

Samll Group Assingments


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