On Answering Essay Tests


Based on observation and experience, teachers and students continue to not see eye-to-eye when it comes to answering essay test items. Because our class will be using essay test items in its assessments, allow me to clarify and set my expectations.


Many still have the notion that CLE is synonymous to good manners, superficial reverence to deity, and right conduct. However, I would like to clarify that that is not simply the case. In its entirety, CLE is still an academic subject that discusses academic terms and concept which assert that faith is reasonable. We would never teach you something that goes against your human nature to think. Faith runs in a particular logic that is different from the logic of science. Just like in reading literature, we need to understand how faith is “written” so that we’ll understand its intended message.


In any subject that solicits for your opinion, don’t just write what you think WITHOUT aligning your answer to the lessons discussed in class. Your answers might be sound and logical, but if they don’t resemble any ideas or concepts from the previous discussions, they’re useless. The assessment is after all a way for us to gauge if you understood what was discussed. Keep in mind that when answering essays CITE concepts and ideas FROM THE LESSONS.  We didn’t spend all that time discussing about particular concepts if we’re not going to use it in the exam.

With that, I hope that this short post helped clarify some confusion. The reason why we give essays as test items is because we’re not after rote memory but understanding. We want you to use what you know outside of the classroom. The real world is the ultimate assessment. While you’re still in school, and in our care, we will do everything to prepare you to face a world that does not have the benefit of a correction tape. The last thing we want to happen is to find you lost and confused in this big and noisy world.

Good day, gentlemen!

Image taken from: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7024/6450248903_8dfc0bfb27_z.jpg


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