On Thinking about your Thinking

Hello Gents,

Below are some prompts that should help you better understand your lessons in all subjects. This process o asking is called METACOGNITION or thinking about your own thinking. It’s a looking at HOW you look at things.


General Problem-Solving Metaquestions

  • Define the Problem: What am I asked to do or find out?
  • Establish preconditions: What information have I been given?
  • Scan previous learning: What strategies have I used in similar situations?
  • Access information: Who or what could help me with this?
  • Establish criteria: What will a successful solution look like?
  • Develop a plan: What will be step one, step two, step three?
  • Sequence activities into a timeline: What has to be done by when?
  • Evaluate the solution: How well does the solution conform to the criteria?
  • Assess the performance: What helped me in this process? What hindered me? What would I do differently next time?
  • Extension of knowledge: What new skills have I learned? Can I replicate this solution or apply it to other situations?


In-Lesson Metaquestions

  • What are the big ideas or concepts?
  • How well does this information fit with what I already know?
  • What generalizations or inferences can I make from this information?
  • Are there any questions or concerns that I still have?


Thinking level Metaquestions

  • What type of thinking is built into this question (e.g. analysis, synthesis, inductive reasoning)?
  • What type of thinking do I need in order to answer this questions?


Applying/Transferring Skills Metaquestions

  • Are there other uses for this knowledge or skill?
  • What are some other situations where I might apply this skill?
  • Can I transfer the skill as is or do I need to change it in some way?

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