QT Review Quesitons

Review Questions

  1. In talking About Jesus, why is it important to look at the mysteries of the Incarnation and Resurrection?
  2. Why is it important to look into the world that Jesus lived in? How will it add to a more meaningful reading of the Gospels today?
  3. What is the Kingdom of God? How did Jesus proclaim God’s Kingdom?
  4. How should we read the Gospels? How do I know that I am reading the life and words of Jesus correctly?
  5. Why do we need to read the Bible, particularly the Gospels, if we want to know Christ?
  6. How did Jesus go about discerning and responding to his own call–his own vocation? How did each event prior to his public ministry figure in his call?

Note: If you have definite answer to most of the questions above, you’re good. If not, it’s time make friends.


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