PITSOP: Paschal Pattern


Reflect on this thought offered by Fr. James Farfaglia on Catholic Online: “Why did Jesus rise with wounds? Perhaps we can better answer this question by turning to our own wounds. All of us are wounded. By retaining the wounds of his passion in His Resurrected Body, the glorified Jesus is showing us that we can find hope and strength by taking our wounds and uniting them to his wounds.”

Guide Questions:

1.) All of us are wounded. What spiritual, social, physical, emotional wounds cause you pain now? How do Jesus’ pain, death and resurrection give you strength amidst all these?

2.) What dying and rising have you experienced? Reflect on this in the light of Jesus’ Paschal Mystery.


Write a short letter to Jesus telling him of your reflections based on the Contemplate Points above.  Express gratitude for the salvation he gives and state a specific and concrete way of living this out every day.

PITSOP: Pope Francis


“It is precisely the Resurrection that offers us the greatest hope, because it opens our lives and the life of the world to God’s eternal future, to complete happiness, to the certainty that evil, sin, and death can be conquered. This leads us to living our everyday lives more confidently, to facing each day courageously and with commitment. Christ’s Resurrection shines new light on our everyday realities. Christ’s Resurrection is our strength!”



Write a prayer addressed to the Risen Christ lifting up to Him an aspect of your life where you need the most strength, hope and grace from God. Be deeply aware that you are conversing with Jesus who resurrected and has overcome evil, pain, suffering and death out of great love for humankind. Post your prayer as a reply.

PITSOP: Cross Contemplations

After what has been discussed in the session, formulate an honest response to the following reflection questions. There is no need to sound magnanimous. No one will see this post of yours.

1. What do you see when you look at the Cross?

2. What does Jesus on the Cross tell you about your life?

3. Write a short prayer response to the messages of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.