What the Church Demands from the Confirmands

  1. Confirmation empowers the Christian to be public witnesses of the faith (CFC 1631). This witnessing naturally flows from the character imprinted by the Sacrament (1632). The origin and function of this character is explained through the Introduction to the Rite of Confirmation:

Signed with oil by the Bishop’s hand, the baptized person receives the indelible character, the seal of the Lord, together with the gift of the Spriit, which conforms him more closely to Christ and gives him the grace of spreading the Lord’s presence among men.

  1. To live out this indelible ‘characteristic’ of being a Christian witness, the Church demands certain basic qualities (CFC 1633):
  • Personal knowledge, awareness and experience of Christ in their daily lives;
  • Strong and enthusiastic Christian convictions and active commitment to Christ and the Church;
  • A basic grounding in scripture, Church teaching and fundamental human experience;
  • The human leadership qualities of honesty and integrity that inspire confidence and a following;
  • The communication skills needed to present Christ’s challenge to the Filipino today in an attractive and persuasive manner; and
  • The courage to suffer and risk for the Kingdom of God