PITSTOP: Time with Myself

Give yourself some time to work on this reflection. In a coherent and comprehensive manner, compose a reflection to the following points:

  1. What are the things that I like about myself?
  2. What are the things I need to change in my life? Or what are the things in my life that I wish I lived without?
  3. What are the things that make you happy? How can you make yourself happier?
  4. What are the difficulties you are going through right now? How do you want to be comforted? How can you console yourself the way you want to?
  5. What is it about yourself that you feel you need to pay more attention to? What can you do today to be more attentive to yourself?
  6. How can you befriend yourself better today?
  7. How does befriending yourself relate to your spirituality?

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