Supplementary Materials on Spirituality and Religion

For those who want to expand their understanding of the topic and Spirituality and Religion, you may refer to the following links below. I’ve provided some points of reflection that should help you re-think things though you may not necessarily agree with them. Enjoy!


Title: Religious vs Spiritual: Study says that truly ‘spiritual but not religious’ are hard to find
Question: What is our measure of religiosity and spirituality?
Type: Online Article
Summary: This article asserts that lack of understanding of what it actually means to be spiritual but not religious. It outlines what are the common (mis)understandings surrounding the topic and how there is a need to be more reflective and critical with what we claim to believe in.
Estimated Length of Article: 20 reading minutes.
Point of Reflection: Do we really understand what we claim to believe in?
Title: Spiritual, but not religious
Type: Video Presentation
Main Question: Do we need the structure of a religion to be faithful?
Summary: We do need structure and a community to practice faith. Despite this insight, fewer and fewer people are attending the Church activities because they subscribe to a “Burger King Spirituality” due to the lack of spiritual sustenance provided by organized religion. But this search for self-sustenance is often a character defect–which could lead to further complications.
Estimated Length of Article: 8 minutes.
Point of reflection: Is our spirituality so personal that we cannot bear to have it examined by others?
Title: The Spiritual but not religious likely to face mental health issues, drug use, study says
Main Question: Is being Religious the healthier choice?
Type: Online Blog
Summary: The Article Lists down reasons why people who are not affiliated with an organized religion lack outlets that benefit well-being: social support, attachment to a loving God, and the organized practice of prayer.
Estimated Length of Article: 5-10 minutes
Point of Reflection: Spirituality is supposed to aid in our overall human development. How can it be holistic if practicing it outside of a structure and community goes against our basic human nature to be social?

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