A Deeper Look Into Symbols

Instructions: Read the excerpt below and provide at least 3 additional examples for each type. Post your answers by leaving a comment below. Write a 2-3 sentence explanation as to how do you think does the understanding of symbols relate to us being Christians. Cite your sources.

Name, Name, Name, Name
1.)   Example, Example, Example
2.)   Example, Example, Example
3.)   Example, Example, Example
4.)   We think that…


To be able to deepen our understanding of symbols, we look at the three types of symbols.

1. Conventional Symbols

  • Let’s look at language — in English countries, an object with legs where we can write on/work on/eat on are called table. Do Spanish-speaking individuals understand the same object as table? How about Chinese-speaking individuals?
  • Conventional symbols are those whose meaning is agreed upon by a particular society or culture. This may also refer to as cultural symbols because the meaning of such symbols is tied to the situation the symbol is used in. Outside of that situation, the symbol loses or changes its meaning. (ex. language, flag, etc.)

2. Accidental Symbols

  • Do you have a particular scent that reminds you of someone?
  • Accidental symbols are those that have a special meaning for specific individuals but may have very little meaning for someone else. This may be called conditioning. For example, the moment two lovers fell in love with one another, everything that is going on around them take an accidental meaning. A song may remind them of their love but for other people that song simply means nothing.

3. Universal Symbols

  • What meaning can we derived from FIRE or WATER? If we use this in any culture/society/community, will they be able to arrive at the same meaning?
  • Universal symbols are those that mean pretty much the same thing to all people at all times in all places. The meaning of these symbols can be understood by people of varying cultures. Sometimes, universal symbols convey complex or even contradictory meanings. All in all, there are those symbols like water and wind that are so rich in meaning and so much part of human existence that they can be considered universal.
  • For example: When you go to XCE, and you want to communicate friendship or community, what symbol will you use?

6 thoughts on “A Deeper Look Into Symbols

  1. Anonymous says:

    Luke So,Darren So,Allen Reforma,Matthew Roxas
    1.All languages has the same meaning to table.The have the same definitions because it is all used in the same purpose.
    2.the scent of sweat reminds me of athlete

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jacob D. Tanco, Andrew Yap, John Young, Martin Velasco
    1) Rock Paper Scissors, Twitter, Facebook
    2) books, songs, movies.
    3) Stoplight, Nodding your head, X

    I think that the understanding of symbols relates us to being Christians. This is because there are a lot of symbols that may point out or emphasize our being Christians and being children of God. For example, the Cross symbolizes Jesus,etc

  3. Anonymous says:

    John Sanchez , Fredrick Sy , Cian Tan , Earl Saw
    1 Flag , Language , Swastika
    2 , heart , dove , flowers
    3 Bathroom symbol , Cross , Heart
    4 We think that

  4. Anonymous says:

    Aldrich Lim, Matthew Go, Brandon Hay, Benjamin Martin
    1.)Chinese people may not understand but the spanish might
    2.) poems, place/ destinations, books (if its relatable between 2 people)
    3)the meaning of fire and water is they are opposites

  5. Anonymous says:

    Christian Yubontoy, Mark Yao, Alan Wu
    1. Best building in the world, cuisine, religion
    2. A place where certain events happen, Christianity, thumb sign
    3. Crucifix, Paris, no parking sign
    4. This is related because this can deepen our answer qualify to the questions asked. This can also allow us to understand other cultures.

  6. Anonymous says:

    John Carmona, Mattryan Boringot, Nicholas Co, Vincent Co
    1.(Cultural Event)-Fiesta, (National Sport)-Sipa, (Anthem)-Philippine Anthem
    2. First Greenslip,Diary, First restaurant people used for a first date.
    3. (Signs) U-Turn Sign, (Sign) Stop sign, Date & Time

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