Below are cases for you to analyze. Comment on the following questions: What kind of happiness did Oskar Schindler experience? Was it pleasure or joy? Why do you say so? What about the big social and party animal? Was it pleasure or joy for her? Why do you say so?

  1. Oskar Schindler, an ethnic German industrialist and a member of the Nazi party, earned millions in wealth as a war profiteer. He was initially rich and prominent, but ended up spending his last pfennig, everything he possessed to save his Jews. Eventually he relied on handouts, became nobody, and died penniless.
  1. A big social and party animal spends her nights and some days jumping from party to party doing her own brand of fun and frolics.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ralph Ludovice, Jerome Jasmine, Christopher Mathay, Jeung Yun Ge

    1) Happiness of for and with others; joy, donating money is source of happiness for him

    2) Happiness for matrials; pleasure; they just enjoyed the present day/s.

  2. Sean Cheng/ Adrian Chua/ Troy Dy/ Rafael Dylim says:

    Sean Cheng, Adrian Chua, Troy Dy, Rafael Dylim

    A.) Oskar Schindler was a happy person because he was rich and prominent, but it doesn’t end there. I would say he was a happy person because he was able to save the jews by sacrificing his own money for them. For him, it would had probably been a goal that he achieved.

    B.) she was happy because she was pleasured with her lifestyle. Its pleasure because she doesn’t enjoy true joy or happiness

  3. Anonymous says:

    Marco Milan, Gab Montoya, Santiago Romero Salas, Gab Romualdez
    1. Joy- it was internal fulfilling happiness that lasts. It is satisfaction with your inner self , you are capable of questioning yourself and truthfully answering.
    2. Pleasure- it was external happiness with happiness that was short lived and very materialistic, at the end of the day, nothing is taken or learned from these experiences

  4. Franz Cruz, Vnce Dee, Jayke Fajardo, Jerry Feng

    1.) He had experienced joy because we defined joy as the fullness of happiness while pleasure means unsustainable happiness. Joy is harder to earn than simple, temporary pleasure.

    2.) The party animal experienced pleasure because the one that is sustaining the happiness of the party animal is temporary, which is people. If there are no people, the party animal would not be happy, therefore what the party animal does in hopes of sustaining the temporary happiness is to keep hopping from party to party.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Philippe Yang, Kenneth Sy, Kenhiro Tsumura, Charles Yu, Miguel Villareal

    1. This is joy, because he made himself happy while also making others happy.
    2. It is pleasure, because it is a feeling a satisfaction that will stay with one for a while.

  6. Maximillian Lim says:

    Francis Guevara, Joshua Jao, Maximillian Lim, Jude Lo

    1. Oskar Schindler experienced joy since he helped save lives of the Jews from the Nazis. Although he died penniless, he will always remember the moment where he saved lives and saving lives is priceless.

    2. The party animal experiences pleasure since her experiences are short-lived and she will forget what happens in the future.

  7. Luigi says:

    Luigi Dy and Meguizo, Lance Go and Lim
    1.) Joy. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience, but he was happy he did it. Level 3: Happiness with and for others
    2.) Pleasure. It was a very enjoyable lifestyle, but it’s temporary. Level 1: Happiness in a thing

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jason Ng, Jose Poe ,Spencer Ong, Mark So , Mark Son

    1. Oskar Schindler experienced joy since he helped the jews according to his own will

    2. The party animal experienced pleasure since she gained happiness based on her experiences and everything thats happening around her.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Kenzo Yao, Elton Tan, Jef Tan, Matthew Yap

    1) Oskar Schindler experienced pleasure because he had a goal and he was able to achieve his goal and he is contented.

    2) The party animal experienced joy kind of happiness because she was able to do what she wanted and she enjoyed it.

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