Pause and reflect upon the questions below. Summarize your reflection for each number in at least 3 COMPLETE sentences.

  1. When we speak of our faith-experiences, can we simply think about them literally? Why is it important to use symbolic-thinking in making sense of our spiritual/faith experiences?
  2. Is truth reduced when we think symbolically rather than literally? Consider this story: “One day, the English poet William Blake was looking up at the sun. One of his companions challenged him: ‘Surely when you look at the sun you see a round, golden globe shining in the sky.’ Blake responded, ‘When I look at the sun, I see choirs of angels singing alleluia, and who are you to say that you are right and I am wrong?'”




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Joshua Co
    1) yes because the people during the time of Jesus dont know how to describe their experiences with literal words and therefore used symbols to symbolize the literal meaning

    2) no it will not be reduced because if that’s what you believe in, then who has the right to tell you that you’re wrong? it’s your belief, your faith and no one can stop you from believing in the symbols of that faith

  2. Anonymous says:

    Miles Lee
    1.) No, we have to find a deeper meaning in them. It helps us to understand our experiences better.
    2.) No, it is just shown in some other way.

  3. Anonymous says:

    1.because when we talk about our faith litterally it does not really make any sense but if we look at it symoblically then we will understand the true meaning of the holy sacraments and etc\

    2. The truth is not reduced when we are looking at it symbolically the meaning just differs if you look at it symbolically but that does not mean that it is not true

  4. Anonymous says:

    Aldrich lim 1) we cannot simply think of them literaly if we do that it will be diffrent from what we do today 2) th truth isnt reduce you can see in your own prespective and see what you want to or can see

  5. Benjamin Martin says:

    Benjamin Martin 9F 19
    1When we think of our experience do not think of it super literally because sometimes we express them in metaphors. This is because there is a greater meaning to what we have experienced. This is why we shouldn’t think of it literally.
    2 Truth is not reduced because each person can look at something differently. This means that what they think is not necessary the same think but they have a bit of connection. This is why truth is not reduced.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Derick Tan

    1. No we cannot, it is important to use symbolic thinking because in that way you will be able to think of things that will make it look impossible, and in that way you will be motivated to do what is impossible and you will have your hopes up along with the will to reach that leading to a better thinking and a more faithful and true to words way.

    2. No it is not, we know the truth deep inside us and to not think of things in a literal way doesn’t mean you’re lying to yourself. Thinking of things In a not literal way means that you are giving meaning to something that reminds you of something or you something you always look up to. If that helps you, it’s better to think not literally.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fredrick Sy

    1) We cant simply talk about them literally cause it would sound dull and boring , but if you explain the symbols , a deeper meaning of your spiritual experiences will pop out .
    2) Yes , the sun is a golden globe , and not a choir of angels
    Golden globe = True.
    Choir of Angels = False.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hanjun Kim
    1.) When we take things too literally the things we read won’t seem real. We should not take our faith too literally because it is all made of symbols. The Bible is composed of symbols and it may seem unusual because it is from a different time.

    2.) Everyone has a different look into symbols based on their experiences. A symbol has more than one meaning to different people.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Javier de los reyes
    1. We cannot think of our faith experiences literally because the bible uses many symbols instead of thinking literally.

    2. No because the choir of angels is a symbol and is not literal.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Luke So

    No we can’t just think literally because it would simply lead us to misunderstanding the true meaning.

    No because the truth to someone mainly depends on how they look at the symbol

  11. Anonymous says:

    Fredrick Sy

    1) We cant simply talk about them literally cause it would sound dull and boring , but if you explain the symbols , a deeper meaning of your spiritual experiences will pop out .
    2) Yes , the sun is a golden globe , and not a choir of angels
    Golden globe = True.
    Choir of Angels = False.

  12. Cristoff Bata
    1.) When we are thinking about our experiences with God we think is it real or was it just luck or normal life we would think about it till we realize that it was not us but, God. Without symbolic thinking we would not be able to know the reason for that experience and it would be useless.
    2.) When we think literally we have no one to believe in but, if we spiritually think we will be able to follow the person that we believe or forgotten and learn more from it. With his companion see a ball of light that what it means to him but, to Blake it is a choir of angels. We all have different meanings and understandings.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Cian Carlo Tan

    1. No because there are sentences that have deep words like “you are the bread of life”. It is important to use symbolic-thinking because it makes it easier to say what we feel about our faith. It won’t be very long that every sentence has the same meaning.

    2. No because your just saying it In a pleasing way. It makes the word have more definition than what t says. It will make people interest and listen to you.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Christian Yubontoy
    1.No because if we think of symbols or words literally we would not understand the real meaning. It is important to use symbolic thinking because symbols can help us unlock a deeper meaning of the words. Symbols can also be used for deeper meanings.
    2. No because everyone has an opinion. Everyone also has an opinion or thinking of different symbols. Everyone has an opinion but it is nor right or wrong.

  15. Anonymous says:

    John Sanchez 9F

    1:) No , faith is something you can’t see so we cannot think of them literally.How do we see represent things we cant see we use symbols. So it is important to use symbols to remind you of things you cannot see.
    2:)No truth is not reduced when we think symbolcally. In fact it is better to think symbolically because not all people can understand your language. So when you use symbols they will understand what it means. So truth is not reduced when you use symbols

  16. Juan Miguel B De Leon

    1) It is important because our Faith is very metaphoric and if we do think symbolically we will understand and make sense

    2) in fact it add more to your faith because you believe, think more than you would normally do

  17. Anonymous says:

    Nicolo Ang

    1. No. If you take it literally, You could get the wrong idea. Once you understand it spiritually, It will make sense.

    2. No, The truth is still the same. You can use metaphors, Metaphors don’t reduce the truth of a topic.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Nicholas Co
    1.No,our faith experiences have deeper meaning then they seem and if we take it literally than we cannot find these meanings.We cannot treat our faith experiences like science,we have to use symbolic-thinking.If we think to literally about our faith experiences then we will get another meaning or a meaning that is bad.
    2.if we think symbolically then we will be able to find the truth behind it more easily.There are two meanings in a word depending on how you interpret it.It depends on the person on how you interpret the word.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Allen Reforma
    1)no,because when we think of it literally we will not get the message of what is really being said. When thinking of it it literally it may lead us to another meaning.It is important to use symbolical thinking because if we don’t use it we will give another meaning on what we are really trying to tell.
    2)No,because what ever you say won’t change.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Martin Velasco

    1.) No, we can not simply think about them literally. If we think literally about our faith-experiences, we can never get to comprehend anything. Basically everything in reality is symbolic. Knowing the meanings of things involves symbolical thinking. Without this kind of thinking we can nver understand the meaning of life and specially everything that is important. Thinking literally means you conclude your answers or ideas based on what you say and understand. However, especially in spiritual matters, literal thinking can not apply. We must dive deep into our thoughts and know what the symbol(s) that show God’s grace mean to better understand God’s power and love for us so that we may all be better Christians. An example of it was when the Pharisees took what Jesus said literally. That is why they were wrong before God’s eyes

    2.)No, definitely not; in fact truth is sometimes reduced when we think literally than symbolically. Sometimes, things have literal meanings but there is a hidden truth behind them. We can find the hidden idea by thinking symbolically than literally. What William Blake said was not wrong, symbolically the sun is bright and glorious just like choirs of angel singing alleluia is. . That is why it is our responsibility to not always think literally but symbolically

  21. Anonymous says:

    Earl saw
    1.) no because if we take it literally we won’t understand anything because people before use different words that we don’t use anymore. It is important to use symbols because we humans use symbols to communicate and it will be easy for us to spread the word through symbols

    2.) no because we just look at the thing in a new perspective

  22. Anonymous says:

    1. No because we have to look for the deeper meaning of everything we say. If we think literally people might not understand what the true meaning is.
    2. No because symbols everyone can understand. But if we think literally not everyone will understand.

  23. Martin Millan
    1.No because that is not the only way God talks to us, because it gives it a deeper meaning then what it is.
    2.no because maybe he is saying that it is as beautiful as a choir of angels.

  24. Anonymous says:

    John Kristoffer Chua

    1) We cannot think of our faith or experience literally. Symbolic thinking can be done in different ways we don’t take things seroiusly. In the Bible it said there that we are the branch and Jesus is the vine it does not mean that we are plants.

    2) No, because the truth is reduced more when you think of things literally. Since the poet man said there are choirs of angels in the sun, if you think that their are angels in the sun then that is not the truth

  25. Anonymous says:

    1)We cannot think of these things literally because the value will be reduced it is important to use symbolic thinking because that was the way Jesus meant it.
    2)No because it is the same it is just the person that thinks differently but the statement stays the same

  26. Anonymous says:

    9F 14
    Brandon Hay
    1.) We can talk bout experiences but not always understand them in a literal manner. We should use symbols so since they always have a deeper meaning. They can always show what you wanna show if one looks deeper into what the symbol says.
    2.) In a way, truth may be reduced if we think symbolically. This is because some truths are made to be taken literally and if we think symbolically, what we think of might be deeper than whats asked.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Darren So,

    1. When we speak of our faith experiences, we can not speak of them literally because speaking of our faith requires us to speak of them with diferent simbols. It is important to use symbolic-thinking in our spiritual experiences because it will make other people understand more of what you are saying.

    2. No, truth is not reduced when we speak symbolically. One example is when jesus said “i am the bread of life” symbolically it cleanses you but if you think of it literally it does not makes sense

  28. Anonymous says:

    Ryan Chua
    1. No because there is a deeper meaning with it.
    2. No because when Jesus said that he was the bread of life he meant it in a simbolic way and not the literal way.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Jacob d. Tanco
    1) when we speak of our faith, we should not think about it literally. It is important that we do symbolic thinking in our faith because if we just keep thinking about the literal meaning, we will never arrive at the true and deeper meaning which god wants to send to us. not thinking symbolically will leave leave us hanging on what the bread of life symbolizes or why he is the vine and we are the branches. But if we symbolically think of it, we will realize that these are actually symbols and they represent something important to us.
    2) truth is not reduced when we think symbolically rather than literally. This is because it IS the truth behind the literal meaning.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Wu Jan Alan
    1) When we speak about our-faith experience, we can’t think them as literally. Symbolic-thinking makes our spiritual understanding more meaningful rather than just thinking its simple. Symbols doesn’t just have one meaning but many.
    2) No, just because of what Blake said isn’t truth, doesn’t mean his wrong. His answer was symbolic not literally. He only said what he thought about the sun and that’s what he felt about it. The experience of being under the sun, shining at him, the warmth and said to his companion his answer of what he truly meant of the sun through the experience.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Andrew Yap
    1) I believe we cant think our faith-experiences literally. Simply saying thinking things too literally can either mess you up or make you go the wrong way. Like a person says “break a leg” that doesnt mean you should break one.

    2) No, the truth isnt reduced, because literal meaning has a truth behind it like most things

  32. Anonymous says:

    1.) We shouldn’t take our faith too litterally, because we would take quotes like “Take this all of you and eat it, for this is my body/blood, which will be given up for you” too seriously and we would think of the religion as “gross” in a sort of way.

    2.)The “truth” factor won’t be reduced because if you believe in it, you believe in it. Others may have a say in it, but it won’t matter, because it’s your opinion.

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