G9F A Deeper Look Into Symbols

Instructions: Read the excerpt below and provide at least 3 additional examples for each type of symbol. Post your answers by leaving a comment below. Next, write a 2-3 sentence explanation as to how do you think does the understanding of symbols relate to us being Christians. Cite your sources.

Name, Name, Name, Name
1.)   Example, Example, Example
2.)   Example, Example, Example
3.)   Example, Example, Example
4.)   We think that…


To be able to deepen our understanding of symbols, we look at the three types of symbols.

1. Conventional Symbols

  • Let’s look at language — in English countries, an object with legs where we can write on/work on/eat on are called table. Do Spanish-speaking individuals understand the same object as table? How about Chinese-speaking individuals?
  • Conventional symbols are those whose meaning is agreed upon by a particular society or culture. This may also refer to as cultural symbols because the meaning of such symbols is tied to the situation the symbol is used in. Outside of that situation, the symbol loses or changes its meaning. (ex. language, flag, etc.)

2. Accidental Symbols

  • Do you have a particular scent that reminds you of someone?
  • Accidental symbols are those that have a special meaning for specific individuals but may have very little meaning for someone else. This may be called conditioning. For example, the moment two lovers fell in love with one another, everything that is going on around them take an accidental meaning. A song may remind them of their love but for other people that song simply means nothing.

3. Universal Symbols

  • What meaning can we derive from FIRE or WATER? If we use this in any culture/society/community, will they be able to arrive at the same meaning?
  • Universal symbols are those that mean pretty much the same thing to all people at all times in all places. The meaning of these symbols can be understood by people of varying cultures. Sometimes, universal symbols convey complex or even contradictory meanings. All in all, there are those symbols like water and wind that are so rich in meaning and so much part of human existence that they can be considered universal.
  • For example: When you go to XCE, and you want to communicate friendship or community, what symbol will you use?

9 thoughts on “G9F A Deeper Look Into Symbols

  1. 9-J
    Gabriel Ganzon, Udi Cue, Brandon Go, Jose Habalo

    Conventional Symbol
    1) A Heart
    2) Colors
    3) Animals

    Accidental Symbol
    1) Flowers
    2) Music
    3) Food

    Universal Symbol
    1) Fire
    2) Water
    3) Earth

    We think that symbols are meaningful to all in different ways.

  2. Isaiah Dee says:

    Isaiah Dee, Sage Ng , Martin Prollamante, Andre Regalla
    1:) Cross it is a symbol culture, Collie flower it represent Buddhism in Chinese
    2:) one example is a Material like as a simple as a bracelet because someone gave it to you and has a lot of sentimental value, Sunset most of the people think it as a sign to becoming night but for some it means love or a beautiful view.
    3:) Handshake which means shake , Peace sign it is a symbol of peace, Pedestrian crossing because it’s a rule almost everyone knows,
    4:)we think that symbols are things that we use to define to things that mean a lot to us.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Chan Ho, Hans Tsai, Theo So, Nicolas Zarate
    1.) Cross, Rose, Yin and Yang
    2.) Picture, Wedding Ring,
    3.) Pen or Pencil, Heart, Books

  4. Group 6 says:

    Ayrrton Tan, Daniel Ong, Enrico Lim, Gilkevyn
    1. Chair, Books, Food
    2. Your family, Your hobby, education
    3. Rain, Air, Earthquake
    4. This is important because since we do not see God we use things like the cross to represent him. And also things such as sacraments like when you get baptized it may only seem like putting water on your head but it is a symbol of joining God’s family.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Richmond Young, Zachary Sy, Angelo Bennett, Manuel Ayrton Sy III
    1.) Christmas, KKK, Blue means Peace 
    2.) The letter R and Angelo Bennett’s Operation (For Angelo Bennett),  300 and Ayrton Sy (For Angelo Bennett), X and School (for Angelo Bennett) 
    3.) Restroom/Loo/CR/Bathroom, No Parking, No Entry 
    4.) We think that symbols relate to us being Christians because by learning about symbols, we can be good symbols of God’s love to others. It also helps us recognise symbols of God in our life

  6. Anonymous says:

    Vinz Lim, Lawrence Ang, Nigel Lim, Jose Hilario
    1.) Edsa Revolution, Philippine Flag, Convertional
    2.) Bugs Bunny, Lady Gaga, Brownie
    3.) Table, Pen, Paper
    They used a fish as a symbol for Christianity before in secret, most likely, if they didn’t keep it a secret for some time, there might just be a very small portion of the world that would be continued.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jonathan Bertulfo, Mark Chua. Clynt Uy. Tristan Uyco
    1. Books – learning, food – eating, pen – writing
    2. To some people a dog just might be a dog, but to me it reminds my friend, people see cars as a means of transportation but others get reminded of car crashes, toys remind us of childhood but others see them as objects
    3. Plants, the ground, water
    4. We think that different kinds of symbols will have different effects on different kind of people.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Iñigo Villegas, Anton Dagdag, Joaquin Manuel, Matthew Lim
    1. Fiestas, animals, plants
    2. “The noise of buzzing reminds me of the nagging of my mom”, “this place reminds me of the memories of…”, “the food from — reminds me of the time when…”
    3. Thumbs up, water, hug
    4. We think that the understanding of symbols is thought to be important because we think this can be used as a universal language, as symbols have meanings that everyone agrees upon. Through this, through the specific assembly of such symbols, we can form meaning and communicate ideas. We can talk to people about God, or proclaim our love for God through these symbols.

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