Sacrament of God Activity

1.) Read and Understand the Article “Sacrament of God” by Donald Georgen. You may access the article through this link:

2.) Write answers to the questions below in either your notebook or iPad:
a. How did this article talk about Jesus?
b. Do the symbols use effectively and satisfactorily talk about God? Where does Jesus enter into the picture?
c. What is the connection between our understanding of symbol and Jesus Christ?

3.) You may consult with your seatmates to check for proper understanding only after the teacher gives you the signal.


58 thoughts on “Sacrament of God Activity

  1. Anonymous says:

    – This article based it on how Jesus guides us and how he doesn’t even see’s us but he feels us as how we feel Him.(as a symbol)
    – Jesus guides us to a path where he wants us to be in.
    – Our connection is based on the same idea because we had total silence but the disciples knew that it was Him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A.) jesus is everything and he can show the form of God in allways possible since he is the closest to God Himself.
    B.) yes they clearly show God, Jesus enters since he is the once inbetween our relationshipnwith agod and tells us what God wants to be done
    C.) Jesus is the symbol of God and his actions and miracles that help us grow and know more about God.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A) it talk about how Jesus is the sacrament of God meaning he is God because he represents him in many ways and those ways are what God will have done is he was in flesh form

    B ) yes because that is the only way to even talk about God and Amazingly Jesus is a symbol for God

    C) like I said Jesus is the symbol for God everything he has done is what God will have done

  4. Anonymous says:

    A)They talked about Jesus in a way telling us that whatever Jesus did when he was in earth is something that we should cherish and do frequently. I say this because God sent Jesus for a reason and the reason is to help us 1. Be a live 2. To be closer to God.
    b)The symbols talk about both of them in a way that Jesus is God but flesh so the symbols that they give are from both of them.
    C)The connection to the symbols of Jesus and God is that we have to use them for the best and that we should use it to have a better life in this world.

  5. Wilmore Julio says:

    This article talks about Jesus being the symbol of God himself.
    The symbols effectively talk about God because they show God’s presence.
    The understanding of the symbols are connected to Jesus Christ because we understand that Jesus is the universal symbol of God.

  6. Anonymous says:

    John Kristoffer Chua

    1) The article talks about Jesus in a symbolic way, for example they used the words the “teacher of my youth”. And they described him with characteristics of a humble person.

    2) The symbols were used correctly in describing God. Jesus was pictured when they talked about him being a leader.

    3) Jesus is also like us understanding Symbols, because Jesus is just like a symbol he can mean many things, like when people say the word God there are many meanings like Savior, Leader and etc.

  7. Aldrich lim says:

    It talks about Jesus by showing us the various symbols used by people to describe Jesus in the bible. It shows what people call him over the years in the bible like the shepherd the rock the judge etc. the symbols used do describe God the shepherd because he leads us to salvation the shield because he protects us. Jesus is in all of these because like what Cher said Jesus is Gods in the flesh. Jesus is the symbol of Gods love sent by God to us.

  8. Anonymous says:

    A)The article talked about Jesus saying he was a symbol of God.
    B)Symbols express God or shows that he is the creator.Jesus is the symbol of God.
    C)The symbols is connected to Jesus because they both have deeper meaning.

  9. Anonymous says:

    . It talks about Jesus here because it says that it is Jesus that represents God and its only through Jesus that they could get to the Father. Jesus also reveals God in stories and the stories always ends when God finds them back to Him. Jesus also shows God is caring since it’s showed in the feeding of the 5000 that God is nourishing.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The article talked about how Jesus is the sacrement of God it talkes about Jesus is the sacrement and symbol of God

  11. John Carmona says:

    a.) They refer to Jesus as the “Sacrament of God.”
    b.)yes, jesus is named as god’s son/god at the same time.
    c.)jesus christ is a symbol of god’s love.

  12. Anonymous says:

    John sanchez 23

    2A: he is the first or the promodial sacrament
    B,C he is the essential element in ur understanding of the church

  13. Anonymous says:

    a)It is about Jesus and His life.
    c)Yes, because Jesus uses symbols and He is the symbol of our salvation

  14. Anonymous says:

    Derick Tan
    9F 31

    A. This article is talking to us about Jesus in a way of communicating. This article is telling us how to cmmunicate with Jesus and the easiest way.
    B. The symbols that are being discussed are the symbols found in the bible and it can also be easily specified from someone who hasnt read the bible but knows about Jesus. Jesus enter’s the picture at the very start it has mention one of th bible figures.
    C. God is the Sacrament and Jesus is the symbol.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hanjun Kim 9F 16
    a. It tells us that Jesus is the way of life and that he is a sacrament of God. It also shows how Jesus reveals God to is by telling stories.

    b. Jesus expresses his openness, he makes God known to us by using symbols. Jesus is the sacrament of God hence he is the symbol of God.

    c. Jesus is a symbol everything he did was relevant, we must know about symbols because we should interpret them and understand him.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The similarities of our understanding with God is that the actions were doing and also how we express ourselves shows symbol that Jesus is in us that he is trying to correct us and also lead us to the good.

  17. Anonymous says:

    That article talked about in a way that he is the scroll of god sending word to everyone
    Yes the symbols are yet a proper way to talk about god. Jesus is the representation of God
    Our connection is that the symbols are images that speak of its self

  18. Anonymous says:


    The feeding of the five thousand reveals a God who nourishes us in the desert places of life. His handling of the situation of the woman taken in adultery points to a God of forgiveness and not of judgment and vengeance. He sits down and eats with sinners, tax collectors, prostitutes and shows a God who includes all, especially the poor and marginalised. A very significant symbol in His life was when he washed the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper. He was not the one to Lord it over people. He was the ‘servant leader’ who called His disciples to follow and do as he had done.


  19. John young

    A. In the given article, the author spoke of Jesus as the bridge to our Lord. He will send messages to us on how to become one with God. Jesus is the one we speak to whom before The Lord.

    B. I believe so the symbols work quite effectively. This is because I were able to easily receive the overall message of this certain article . Again as I’ve said earlier Jesus acted as some kind of bridge between man and God.

    C. Like God, Jesus too used symbols to communicate with us. For each symbol of course represent something different for us. We are able interpret new meaning and life to each symbols given to
    us by God. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    a) This article said that Jesus is the sacrament and he was able to express oneness with his father meaning that he was able to use his father as an example

    b) Yes the symbols talk effectively about God, Jesus enters the picture when they started using symbols.

    c) The connection between our understanding is that we understand the different symbols that were used

  21. Anonymous says:

    a. How did this article talk about Jesus?
    This article talk about Jesus because it is part of God’s plan
    b. Do the symbols use effectively and satisfactorily talk about God? Where does Jesus enter into the picture?
    The symbols effectively talk about God because right now the cross or the symbol of God has become very popular and almost everyone knows what it means.
    c. What is the connection between our understanding of symbol and Jesus Christ?
    Jesus uses symbols to communicate with us because it makes it easier for everyone to understand and because humans have used symbols ever since we started to record things.

  22. Allen Co Reforma says:

    1.He said that jesus is the one expressing the pressence of God through parables
    2.Symbols talk very effectively because the give a very meaningful meaning
    3.some symbols have more meaning

  23. Anonymous says:

    A) Jesus is God’s Symbol
    B) the symbols talk effectively about God , Jesus is the Manifestation to lead us on the right path
    C) Jesus is God’s universal symbol other than the cross

  24. Matthew roxas says:

    A. It talked about the different attributes of god like god is caring
    B. Yes the symbols were effective, and jesus comes into the picture when he calls the deciples
    C. Jesus is the symbol of hope given ti christians but he is also caring, loving etc

  25. Anonymous says:

    Andrew Yap

    a.This talks about Jesus because is not like a boss eho wants this and that but is respectfull and generous because he cares for us.

    b. Yes, the symbols talk effectively talks about God. Jesus enters the picture because God uses him as his symbol.

    c. The connection and understanding is Jesus is Gods symbol.

  26. Anonymous says:

    2 a.)This article talked about jesus by saying that he is the first and essential sacrament that we have to recieve before taking any other sacraments.
    b.) YES! because they help us understand him more. Jesus enters into the picture when we recieve sacraments.
    c.) Jesus uses symbols to communicate with us through sacraments/

  27. Anonymous says:

    Martin Rafael Velasco, 9-F, 32


    – It talked about Jesus being the Way to God; it also showed that he is a Gid who does not always get his way by “enslaving” us all, but he is a God who is “down to earth” with us all. In other words, he understands all our problems and cares for us and develops a close personal relationship with us all
    – Yes, it does. They describe God in many ways metaphorically and symbolically. They describe God’s actions and Himself symbolically not literally. Through symbols, His true presence is shown through these.. Jesus enters the picture in the way that he is the symbol of God, Sacrament of God. He is His representation to the human race. Jesus is God in the flesh because He was sent down by God.
    – The connection is based on the idea that Jesus is the Symbol of God and through these other symbols, we will better yet understand His Word. And also, symbols best describe the true presence of God or Jesus Christ

  28. Anonymous says:

    the article talked about how Jesus symbolizes how God’s Personality is like.
    Yes. Jesus came in to the picture when the article explained further the symbols describing God.
    Symbols point to a bigger meaning. Jesus himself is a symbol of how God is

  29. Anonymous says:

    Javier de los reyes 9F 11
    A. It says that Jesus is the sacrament of god.
    B. Jesus uses symbols when he tells us his stories and parables.
    c. We must understand the symbols in order to fully understand what Jesus is trying to say.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Jacob D. Tanco
    1) This article shows that jesus is not only a generous nd miraculous God But, He is also an icon/representation of God through his words and actions.
    2) I would say that the symbols that were used were very correct Through parables, stories, miracles and etc. Jesus enters here as the narrator of the parables that symbolizes God, and through him we see how God is actually one who wishes the best for his people.
    3) The connection with understanding symbols and and jesus christ is that jesus christ “IS” the symbol for God. To Understand the true meaning of symbols is the only way we can understand the message jesus (as a symbol) wishes to relat to us

  31. Cristoff Bata
    A. It said that Jesus was the symbol of hope and God to all of us.

    B. Yes, because from all text talks about God being the light of all of us. In the text, it speaks of him being able to teach us. Let us learn from what we have done wrong. Jesus was shown as the symbol of everything that God wants us to know he is the symbol of everything.

    C. Jesus was the one who guided us into believing in the truth the one who taught us. Like symbols that teach us things we need to know. Jesus is light the symbol of faith for all of us. He is the symbol of everything we know about God.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Nicolo Ang. 1

    a. It talks about Jesus being the symbol of God on Earth
    b. Yes. It talks about him being our Father, Our guide, Our protector. Jesus was the one who was trying to tell this to us the entire time.
    c. We see Jesus as a symbol of God here on Earth. He came down here to show us about God’s love and caring for us.

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