Jesus in the Gospels

Read Matthew 5:43-48 and discuss the following questions:

(1) How does this passage speak of how Christ understands love?
(2) How did he exemplify this? Justify using what happened in the life of Christ.
(3) How is this different from the common understanding of love?

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11 thoughts on “Jesus in the Gospels

  1. Brandon Hay says:

    Brandon Hay, Matthew Go, Jake Martin, Aldrich Lim
    1.) the passage speaks about how Christ is telling us that we should understand love in a way that he have to love.
    2.) its showed in jesus’s that he forgave those who persecuted him like the roman guards who Crucified him and yelled while he was being crucified.
    3.) its different because usually the saying is ” love neighbor but hate the enemy” but Jesus is saying to love your enemies and pray for those who have persecuted you because if you love those who love you, what recompense do you have?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Martin Millan Willmore Juluis John Chua Juan Miguel De Leon

    1 Love is equally to everyone
    2 Jesus forgave the people who crucified him
    3 the common understanding of love is all about attraction to other people physically not loving your enemy but this understanding of love is loving everyone even your enemies.

  3. Luke So says:

    Allen Reforma
    Darren So
    Luke So
    Matthew Roxas

    1. Christ understands love as not just loving your friends but also love your enemies.
    2. When Jesus sacrificed His life for us on the cross, He showed love to everyone by saving them even though they were accusing Him of blasphemy and crucifying Him.
    3. For us, the common understanding of love is just loving our friends but Jesus tells us to love our enemies as well.

  4. john carmona, vincent co, nicholas co and mattryan boringot says:

    Mattryan Buringot,Nicholas Co,John Carmona,Vincent Co
    1Everbody is created in the image of God so if we hate people we hate God
    2. Even though Jesus was persecuted and was crucified, he still loves us, which shows the love of God.
    3.People understand love as a deep relationship;but we can express our love to everyone

  5. Derick says:

    Derick Tan, Marc Sia

    1.) Christ’s understanding of love is unconditional love. It doesnt matter whether you guys are in good terms or not, He will still love you.

    2.) He showed this by not hating on the people who was against him during the time on his way to grt crucified with all the sufferings and torture he went through.

    3.) The common understanding of love is simply different from this because the typoe of love that is shown here is something that never fades and doesnt need qualifications. It is the love of God, the only way He wants people to love each other.

  6. Group 4
    Cristoff Bata, Joshua Co, Nicolo Ang, Ryan Chua
    1. Jesus understands that everyone that we know of are to loved because we are made by God. We are one whole family and we must help each other even though we hate each other. Jesus wants also to love God as our father and lord.

    2. When he was alive in earth, he helped different kinds of people bad or good he shows his love to all of them. He forgave them for what they done and died.

    3. Our common understanding is to love people who are close to us but, Jesus love was to love everyone and everything.

  7. Group 1 says:

    Martin Velasco, Jacob D. tanco, John young, Andrew Yap

    1)Jesus Christ understands love by loving not only those you know/ who are your friendsbut, also loving your enemies and everyone around you.

    2) He exemplified this by loving those who dont love/believe in him. Jesus showed this when he died for all of us on the cross. He died for those who discriminated him and those who dint believe in him.

    3) This is different in a way that the unrighteous do not deserve our love and respect

  8. Christian Yubontoy, Marc Yao, Miguel Yao, Alan Wu says:

    1. Christ shows his love my loving anyone unconditionally even the ones who persecuted Him. Christ also understand love by loving and teaching us to love everyone even if they put us to death.
    2. He exemplify this by forgiving Judas even if Judas handed Jesus over to his persecutors during the last supper.
    3. Gods love is different from the common understanding of love because He loves us even though if we make sin, sinners or not.

  9. Javier de los Reyes says:

    Javier De los Reyes, Hanjun. Kim, Paolo Eugenio, Miles Lee
    1. Christs loves all, wether its his enemies or not, he has unconditional love

    2. Jesus sacrificed himself for everyone good or bad, and he was forgiving to the people who sinned against him.

    3. Loving everyone despite all the enemies, instead if hating them, we must treat them like how we treat the people we like.

  10. John Sanchez , Fredrick Sy , Earl Saw , Cian Tan

    1)Loves is everywhere even with ur enemies
    2 )Love Everyone
    3) Common understanding of love is those who are close to us
    God’s understanding is love without boundaries

  11. hansderick says:

    Hans Tsai, Andre Regala, Sage Ng, Martin Prollamante

    (1) Love was meant for everyone. God considers us equal. Don’t hate just love.

    (2) Even He was rejected by others he still loved Him by dying on the cross from saving us all.

    (3) Our definition of love is today. Love in the context of faith is love one another the way we are. Unlike today the meaning of love in our generation is not loving the opposite gender.

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