PITSTOP: God’s Letter

Tip: To make this activity more meaningful, read this letter in a slow and dramatic manner. Listen as if you were hearing God’s own voice in the words.

Dear (your name),


The goal of your life is to live with Me forever. I gave you life because I love you. When you love, you allow me into you without limit. 

All the things in this world are My gifts, presented to you so that you can know me more easily and return your love to me more readily.

I want you to appreciate and use all my gifts for as long as they help you develop into a loving person. But if any of my gifts become the center of your life, they displace me, and so hinder your growth towards our goal.

In everyday life, then, strive to hold yourself in balance before all that I created so that you do not become a slave to them. Fix not your desire on health or sickness, wealth or poverty, success of failure, a long life or a short one. For anything has the potential 

Your only desire and one choice, as it has been mine, should be this: To want and to choose what better leads to my deepening my life in you.





LEAVE a reply in the form a prayer responding to God’s letter above. Your replies will not be made public, don’t worry. 


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