G9J Jesus in the Gospels

Read Matthew 5:43-48 and discuss the following questions:

(1) How does this passage speak of how Christ understands love?
(2) How did he exemplify this? Justify using what happened in the life of Christ.
(3) How is this different from the common understanding of love?

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4 thoughts on “G9J Jesus in the Gospels

  1. Jose Habalo says:

    Jose Habalo, Carlos Ngo, Andrei Mui, David Tampil

    1. This passage tells us to not only love our brothers, but also love our enemies and not hate them.

    2.When Jesus knew that he was about to be cruxified and killed by the humans he still loved and sacrificed for everyone even those who have sinned against him.

    3.The common understanding of love is you should love your neighbor and hate your enemy, but in God’s words he’s tells us to pray for those who persecute us even those who try to kill us.

  2. Group Zarate, Dee, Jung , So says:

    Jung chan yo, Isaiah Dee, Theo So , Nicolas Zarate
    1. God teaches us another way to Love and that he loves everyone.
    2.When he forgave everyone from their sins and through Jesus Christ when he sent him and let him die for us.
    3. Gods understanding of love is so great so he treas everyone equally even the poor and the rich. Even the good and the Bad.

  3. Matthew Neal Lim says:

    LIM, Matthew; DAGDAG, Anton; MANUEL, Joaquin; VILLEGAS, Iñigo

    1. He wants us to love everyone even our enemies because God sees us all as equal. Because of this, everyone should be equally loved.

    2. Jesus did the same to others, loving even those who shun him. An example is when Jesus asked for forgiveness to the Romans, when they were going to kill him.

    3. We usually think of love as something to be used by those who you really love, and those you detest do not deserve it. However, Jesus thinks of love as something that should be shared with everyone, regardless of whether or not you love or hate him/her/it.

  4. Mark Chua says:

    Tristan Uyco, Mark Chua, Clynt Uy, Jonathan V. Bertulfo
    1. We have to learn to love very one even though they are our enemies.
    2. Even though people persecuted Jesus he still forgave them and cared for them.
    3. People don’t usually love their enemies but we should forgive them for their wrong doings

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