A Great Day to Die Article.

As a pair, read the article “A Great Day to Die” by Brian Kissinger here: http://goo.gl/DlpJa5 and answer the question: What is the significance of Baptism? Post 3 well-constructed sentences that directly address the question.



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9 thoughts on “A Great Day to Die Article.

  1. Troy says:

    Troy Dy, Jayke Fajardo

    We think that :
    1) baptism frees us from original sin
    2) baptism calls us to die for god everyday
    3) mark the beginning of our christian life

  2. Marco Millan says:

    Marco Millan, Jude Lo

    We think that baptism is significant because it is the symbol of our loyalty to God and our willingness to die for him as well as live for him. It is the celebration of new life. It signifys the “cleaning” of our souls from sin.

  3. Jeung Yun Gre says:


    Jason Ng, Jeung Yun Ge

    We think the significance of Baptism is to drown the sin that enslaves us. We need to kill selfishness, and other sins daily. It is a way to clean our soul amd mind.

  4. Charles Yu says:


    Charlea Yu, Jerome Jasmin

    For our pair work, we believe that the importance of baptism is to save us, save us from the temptation that lay all around us. Baptism isn’t used to show that we aren’t dipped for no reason, rather it is to dip and clear away the sins and the original sins that surround and try to tempt us. We are washed because God wants to drown our sins and save us from evil, and from that we learn how we encounter God through this sacrament, which is through the water that saves us.

  5. Sean Cheng and Adrian Chua says:

    Sean Cheng, Adrian Chua

    We think that baptism means getting rid of the sins that were previously in us. The different symbols in the sacrament also have it’s own meaning. The water symbolizes how God uses the water to cleanse us from all the things that try to enslave us. Similarly to how he had to erase the Egyptians chasing the Israelites in the Red Sea. Baptism is also when we receive the Holy Spirit while in confirmation it is complete.

  6. Luigi Dy says:


    Luigi Dy, Lance Go

    We think the signifance of baptism is that it cleanses original sin.
    It is something that reminds us that we can only be with God if we “die” our bad habits and things.
    It is something that opens ourselves to God and guides and allows us to reunited with him through improving our lives wih a “new life/rebirth”

  7. Lance Lim says:


    Lance Lim, Joshua Jao

    We think that the significance of Baptism is that it allows us to drown our sins. It makes us be able to fully convert since it shoos away and drowns all of the sins we have committed. It allows us to be clean enough that we are able to enter the world as Christians.

  8. Vince Dee, Rafael Dylim says:


    Vince Dee, Rafael Dylim

    We think tha the significance of Baptism is to free us from our sins. Baptism has much more meaning than what we thought it is. An exmaple is the water used in Baptism. It symbolizes the cleansing of our sins.

  9. Franz Cruz says:


    Franz Cruz, Jose Poe

    We think that in order to be closer to God, we should give up or “drown” the things that keep us farther from Him, such as our sins, greed and other bad intentions against others. We should be willing to “die” everyday for God so that our relationship with Him would be closer because we renew our soul for Him and eliminate all the things that tempt us and enslave us from being a better person and being closer to Him. We need to learn from our mistakes and let them go so that we could be closer to God.

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