G9 CLE Oral Examination Quesitons

Below are thesis questions which you will need to analyze and expound on with the help of your classmates. Use the guide questions to help you answer the thesis question. Remember to use examples or analogies to help you explain what you really mean. You make take down your own notes and bring them with you when your class number is called.

Thesis Question #1: Why is a correct understanding of Sacraments important in the Christian Faith?

Guide Questions:

  • What is a sign? What is a Symbol? How are they related?
  • How is a sign and symbol related or unrelated to the idea of Sacraments?
  • What perspective do we need to understand what a sacrament is?
  • What are the implications of that perspective in the Christian Life?

Thesis Question #2: Why do we need to know who Jesus is?

Guide Questions:

  • How does the understanding of a Sacrament relate to Jesus?
  • What is the dual nature of Jesus?
  • How is Jesus related to the Church?

Thesis Question #3: Based on her history, what conclusions can we make about who the Church is?

Guide Questions:

  • Who comprises the Church?
  • What is the mission of the Church?
  • When in her history has she clearly fulfilled or failed to fulfill her mission?

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