Fr. Van der Lugt

Fr. Van der Lugt was a priest seized and killed in Syria because he chose to remain with the people he ministered to. Here is an account of how the Jesuits know him:


“By staying in the heart of besieged Homs, during a takeover by rebels who included militant Islamists and then during a government siege, he was offering succour [help] to all victims of the conflict­­–and a kind of reproach to all the belligerents. He knowingly risked his life by remaining in a place where some Islamist rebels were active; but he also bore witnesses to the cruel consequences of the siege by refusing to leave when it would have been so easy to do so, and nobody would have blamed him. From the perspective he offered, all civilian victims were worthy of compassion, and fighters on both sides bore a share of blame. That sounds like a truth worth dying for – and it goes a bit further than religious dialogue.” – Tony Homsy S.J. (quoting Erasmus blog of The Economist)




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