Church as Catholic PITSTOP

Vatican II synthesizes this mark further in a way to remind us of God’s call to universality in the world:

  • All are called to belong to the new People of God. Wherefore his People, while remaining one and unique, is to be spread throughout the whole world to all ages… This character of universality which adorns the People of God is that gift of the Lord whereby the Catholic Church strives energetically and constantly to bring all humanity with all its riches back to Christ the Head int he unity of his Spirit. (Lumen Gentium 13)


  1. Do I make myself available to others or I am focus on my own problems?
  2. How do I communicate to others the joy of encountering the Lord and the joy of belonging to the Church?
  3. Do we accept the other as who they are or do we intend to form them the way we want them to be?
  4. How do the answers to 1-3 speak of catholicity in the Church?

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