Two Minutes with Jesus: December 17 – 18

Step 1: Reflect on the Gospel Reading. Kindly Refer to this link:

Step 2: Post your TMJ entries by inputting them in the REPLY BOX. Include the date you posted the entry AND your SECTION.


11.15.12 Dear Jesus…
– Francis Xavier, H2G

Step 3: If the entry is too personal, kindly mention only your name and section.



For those who are working on the Academic Essay alone, you have a limit of 2 – 4 pages only. However, I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you make 3 because when we say minimum 2 pages, these are 2 FULL pages. Include an additional page for the citations. Please refer to the previous posts for the sample.

Thank you!

Academic Essay Format Announcement

Hello Gentlemen,

Kindly refer to the attached file for the citations/contributions page of your CLE Academic Essay. I’m sending this to you because I want us to have a uniform way of doing this.

I would really appreciate it if EVERYONE complied with this simple instruction because this will make my checking faster.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Click this for the attachment: Citations and Contributions Page

Submission of Reflection Papers

To the students who will not be able to submit their papers after Lunch before classes begin, submit your papers in the LRC to the librarian in the reception. Those who submitted their papers BEYOND 4PM will be marked. That means the highest score you will get is a B.

The reason why we’re having this arrangement is because I have to attend my Master’s Classes and I will not be available this afternoon.