Jesus and Freedom Reflection

Reflect on the passages you had just read (The Samaritan Woman and Zacchaeus the Tax Collector). On this journal write your reflections on the passages based on the following guide questions:

  1. With which character, the Samaritan Woman or Zacchaeus the Tax Collector, can you relate to the most in the way that you exercise your own freedom? Why?
  2. Evaluate your relationship with Jesus. Do you have a good relationship, or is your relationship non-existent, or somewhere in between? How does your relationship with Christ affect the way that you exercise your freedom.
  3. In what way can you further strengthen your relationship with Christ and improve your exercise of freedom?

Note: Your posts will not be published on this site or in any other. This will simply be stored in the moderated comments section, meaning you can be as honest and as candid as you can.

Format in Posting:

Name, Section




AFTER posting your reflection, sign in to this link or look up GOOGLE CLASSROOMS and sign and enroll in the G10E Class using the group code: 8mrygc8. Look for the individual homework.


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